Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Last night, I went and used a groupon for an 80 minute massage. Very much needed.

  • I met a friend at a Super Walmart after the massage. Two things on this. First - how convenient is Super Walmart! You can get groceries, home stuff, clothes, go to the bank, get your hair done, and your nails done all in the same place. BUT. Wow. Now I understand why people protest them. Small business killer.

  • Related to the above, I also got a pedicure last night. First one in a few months. So nice.

  • Tonight is the rescheduled Halloween. My kids are crazy excited.

  • Aaron is away this weekend, so my kids favorite adult friend is coming Saturday. Suzanne is my ace in the hole for anytime Aaron goes away. They could care less that Daddy is away if SUZANNE is here. When I'm away, Aaron never asks for help., It's like he wants to prove that he can do it alone. Me? I'm all about getting reinforcements. Plus, after the kids go to bed, I have a buddy to hang out with. We'll all have a blast.

  • I'm totally obsessed with hair clip making. I blame it all on Jen. BUt that is a post for another day. I will say that it was picture day at school yesterday, and I stayed up late making Maggie the perfect bows to match her sweater.

  • And we are taking a break from potty training. Maggie was doing great 80% of the time, but the 20% was ending in tears (for both us us). I'm not dealing with that.


HereWeGoAJen said...

YES! Hair bows! What have you made? Anything good that I should make? We are having a bow making meeting on Monday! We are going to start on Christmas bows!

Janet said...

Need to know more about this hair clip making stuff?!?!?!