Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmasy Stuff

Now that the birthday's are over, and the sad event of putting Abby down is over (augh) I'm trying to do a few fun Christmas things with the kids.

  • Every night, we take a treat from the Advent Mittens. I just love how cute those damn things are. I made two more sets as Christmas presents for close friends this year.

  • We went and cut down our own Christmas tree - which is SO much fun. I love it because it's a local town's conservation land. A resident of the town had a Christmas tree farm, and he got sick, and the trees weren't tended for a long time. After he died, he gave the land to the town. So - you go and pick out these 30 foot trees, but only the top 6-8 feet is a groomed tree. But they are not SUPER full trees, which I like better.

  • Then we decorated the tree, which was pretty funny - because both Maggie and Cameron insisted on putting all their ornaments on the same branch, so the tree isn't decorated evenly. Which kills me a little but I leave it.

  • We are also doing Elf on the Shelf - and I forget to move the damn thing every single night. Sigh. But they love finding it each morning.

  • I ordered our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints. I was sorely tempted to just let them address and send each one, but that will be this weekend's activity. Having the tree up and the cards ordered made me feel like a was SUPER MOM. Which is somewhat sad, I know.

  • Yesterday, on the suggestion of Jen, we did a little Candy Cane hunt... but I thought it would be super smart to do it at our Aunt's house, because they have a lighted, covered porch. The kids were more excited to go inside and see everyone than to play outside.

  • Tonight I'm going to make ornaments with the kids - hopefully handprints. That will be a HUGE hit with the grandparents.

  • Friday Cam and I are going to a gingerbread house making party.

  • On the 23rd, we are going to see the Rockettes! I was able to find 'cheap' seats - and he is going to love it!

I've also got all the presents done for the kids. They both got this scooter, Cam is getting this Hot Wheels Garage and Maggie is getting an easel. I'm sure more than a few things will come in from the Grandparents, but it feels good to be done.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Everyone and their real trees are making me want to get a real tree. So tempted...

And Elizabeth put all her ornaments in the same little clump. But she moves them all around every day and plays with them, so they haven't stayed in that same clump all the time. Sometimes they are actually evenly distributed even.

Erin said...

So glad you are going to see the Rockettes. We went last night and it was a huge hit. It has been my favorite NYC thing that I've done with Freddie yet. Enjoy!

Erin said...

Oh, and the scooters are awesome!