Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday night leftovers

  • Risking sounding like a broken record - but seriously. Nothing is more fun than Christmas-time with my kids. I love it.

  • Last night, we watched the Polar Express. Cam LOVED it. A train AND Santa. It couldn't get any better. I was nervous for a bit, with the whole doubting Santa stuff - but once they got to the North Pole? It answered all of Cam's questions about where the Elf goes every night.

  • Last night, our dog, Henry, was laying in Maggie's room while I read her bedtime stories. He didn't get up and leave when I left and closed the door. About 10 minutes later I was looking for him, and I realized he was in Maggie's room. I opened the door and he is sitting next to her crib, and Maggie is petting him through the bars. The minute the door opened, he sprinted out - and then Maggie cried for 'Enry! for a good 20 minutes.

  • I volunteered to help as a 'costumer' for the 'Nativity in the Trunk' service at church. Turns out that means I needed to iron like 50 costumes. God. Damn. It. So I insisted we turn it into a ironing party, and I had two other women at my house last night ironing all the damn costumes. When will I learn?

  • My mother-in-law arrives today. I told Cam about it, and he said 'I'm GB's best friend.' I doubt my son could be any cuter.

  • We are going to the Rockettes this afternoon!

  • In true Maggie style, she insists on putting her jacket on MYSELF each morning. This is the result if I don't set it up for her to flip:

  • And if I DARE suggest that it's wrong? Forget about it.


Heather said...

Your kids are adorable - the Maggie and her jacket photo is just too cute. Have fun at the Rockettes!

Janet said...

Sweet Maggie! Love her! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

HereWeGoAJen said...

There is a whole lot of cute in this post!