Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, that was a week.

We had a wonderful Christmas. I could report on all of the wonderful fun, but I'm sure it's similar to many other Christmas's out there. We saw family, had much excitement about Santa, ate a lot of good food and enjoyed our family.

I had the whole week off of work, sent the kids to daycare for 3 days so I could get various thing done around the house - but Thursday I took the kids on a big adventure. Maggie got to go to the New England Aquarium for the first time, while Cam went to the Museum of Science with Suzanne. Both kids had a huge blast, and we then met Daddy for pizza lunch at work.

Maggie was acting a bit sicker than just a cold Thursday, but I didn't think much of it. She even woke up twice on Thursday night - but Aaron went in, soothed her and all was fine. Aaron took Friday off work and let me sleep in (HUGE LUXURY. He gets up with the kids on the weekends, but there is no sleeping once they wake up, trust me) and took the kids to daycare. We had a day of Aaron and Cece time planned, when I got the call from daycare that Maggie had a fever of 102. I went and picked her up, gave her some Tylenol and put her to nap. I did call the doc, and got her an appointment at 3:20, because I figured she had and ear infection.

She woke up from her nap in hysterics, and by the time I got her to the doc, her breathing was shallow and she was really hot. They took her fever and it was up to 104. At this point, I had everyone in our office. She low low blood oxygen, and they ended up sending her (and me, of course) to the hospital in an ambulance. I was a bit of a wreck at this point (inside more than outside). Aaron met us at the ER and the look of panic in his eyes sent me over the edge. They were figuring it was pneumonia - but a chest x-ray ruled that out. They also rules out RSV (eventually) but giving her a nebulizer treatment helped significantly. So we were admitted overnight. And wow. Talk about PTSD.

We were in the room next to the room that Maggie was in for the 3 days after Nora's death when they had her on IV antibiotics. It's a small hospital, so everyone of course remembered us. I didn't sleep that whole night (the nurses were in and our of the room every freaking hour - checking her temp, giving breathing treatments, blah blah blah), but Maggie woke up totally back to her normal self on Saturday morning - her fever was down to normal and she just looked so much better. In the end, they decided it was Brochiolitis. We watched Elmo and waited until she passed all their tests to send us home.

But seriously. I didn't need that shock to my heart this week!

Obviously, we didn't do anything super exciting for New Years eve. We had planned to go to a New Year's eve playdate with a bunch of our friends, but bagged that. With the stress and the lack of sleep I totally passed out at 9 - and we had to wake up every 4 hours to give Maggie her nebulizer treatment, so Aaron and I mumbled Happy New Year to each other before we collapsed into bed after that at 1 AM.

Good times. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy (and incident free) 2012!


HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm so glad that Maggie is okay now. I'm sure that was really scary. And good lord, the flashbacks.

Heather said...

Holy crap, Cece. The fear, the flashbacks.... I was holding my breath just reading it. I'm so glad Maggie is ok. Now get some more rest before you have to go back to work!

Kahla said...

So glad all is well and Maggie is doing better! We had Emery in the ER the day after Christmas with RSV. It has been a tough holiday season for kiddos from what I hear! Here's to wishing ya'll a very simple and uneventful 2012!!!

emily said...

JEEZ! How scary. SOOO glad to hear Maggie's okay and you are all home again.

Carrie27 said...

Wow, I can't imagine the emotional rollercoaster you just went through. I hope things are calm and remain that way.

Deborah said...

So scary! That sounds terrible. I'm glad everything turned out okay, and I hope you get your Aaron & Cece time sometime soon.