Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday night leftovers

  • This week has been crazy stressful. I scooped up my dear friend and have brought her home and have been taking care of her. She is slowly regaining use of her hands, but needs a lot of help. Seeing someone I love like this makes me sad. But so glad I'm here to help.

  • Tuesday night, Cam woke up with a nosebleed. Poor guy! We turned on the humidifiers in the kid's rooms, so hopefully that helps.

  • Wednesday, daycare called in a bit of a panic that Cam had slammed his finger in a door and 'We aren't sure if it's broken or not'. I jump into the car in a panic, and even called to doc to see what I should do. They were pretty laid back about the whole broken finger thing - as there isn't that much you can do for a broken finger. But when I got to school? No blood, no swelling and Cameron wasn't even crying. I was a little annoyed that they called me - but I guess better safe than sorry. He was very happy to get a hug from Mommy and when I explained if he came home with me, he couldn't watch any TV - also very happy to stay at school.

  • I wanted to cancel my fun that I had scheduled this week (freezer paper tee-shirt making last night and a massage tonight) but Aaron told me to just do it. And I had a blast last night, so that was good

  • And! My new cooking excitement! I know I told you all how much I love Dream Dinners - it is less expensive than take-out (and healthier) but still expensive (about $4 per serving). I've been slowly changing over to doing my own freezer cooking and I've just found the tool to make it super easy to do on my own! And inexpensive! Seriously, less than $2 a serving! I've been doing Once a Month Mom's mini-menus and they ROCK. So far, I like every recipe I've tried, and they are very simple to prepare.

  • This list has taken me all day to write. I'll sign off for now, wish everyone a happy weekend and get ready for my well-deserved massage tonight!

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emily said...

My husband just went to the doc for more nosebleeds than he could stand... he has been putting a small bit of neosporin on the septum (the part in the middle) bc the doc said that's where the bleeding usually begins. And to quote my hubby, he "loves the confidence" it gives him to know he won't suddenly get a nosebleed at work. I thought he sounded like a tampon commercial, but testimony that it works!