Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Weekend Leftovers

  • We had an energy audit done on our house, and it's become very apparent that the 4 inches of insulation we have in our attic is grossly inadequate. In order to put more insulation in, Aaron needed to add baffles for the soffit vent first. Which is a bit of a job. This weekend Aaron was inspired to do it, so I happily took the kids on a bunch of adventures to allow him to get it done!

  • Why was I so excited? The insulation over the half of the bedroom that I sleep in was 'missing'. No wonder I'm so freaking cold! I'm super excited to be a little warmer in bed, especially now that winter has arrived (it's below 10 degrees at night now)

  • I should also add that is is freaking awesome that I have a husband that is able to do all this home improvement stuff himself. I can't even imagine how much it would cost to have someone else do it.

  • Saturday, I already had plans to go take the kids to a Kidtoons Movie (I had a free pass for Cameron that he got being in the birthday club).

  • One of Maggie's godmother's (she has two, I let Nora's godmother share her with the other godmother) lives close to the movie theater, and has two boys, 12 and 14. It's amazing how much fun BIG kids are to little kids - so we visited with them for a couple hours before the movie.

  • Then we went to the movies, which is always exciting because of the BIG SCREEN.

  • In the dark movie theater, Cam noticed that his light up shoes weren't lighting up all the way anymore. This is annoying to me, because I had already taken these shoes back to Stride Rite once because they stopped lighting up. We bought these shoes specifically because the toes light up and that is VERY EXCITING for a 3 year old. And of course, it's the toes that stop working. So Cam turns to me and tells me that we need to go to the store to get them fixed (just like last time). It kills me the memory this kids has.

  • I explained that we could do that, but we needed to drop Maggie off at home for a nap first.

  • On our way to the mall, Cam declares that he has his wallet so he will pay for a ride on the Round and Around (the little merry go round at the mall) and that he will then go to the indoor playground, and he will stay there while I get his new shoes. I explained that it was shoes FIRST then play, but inside I was laughing because he obviously had this all planned out.

  • And kudos to Stride Rite, they were very nice and accommodating on the return of Cam's shoes for the second time and assured me that they hadn't had any reports of the shoes being defective - so fingers crossed that these last more that the 2 weeks the other pairs have.

  • Sunday was a nice lazy day. Aaron and Cam got up early and went out to breakfast where they SAT AT THE COUNTER ON THE SPINNY CHAIRS (that was the report from Cam when he got home) while Maggie and I slept in until 8 AM.

  • Monday was the super big excitement day - I got up early, packed the kids in the car and went to Suzanne's house (while Aaron did more insulation). After visiting her kitties, we took the bus and then the subway to the Boston Children's Museum. We had a wonderful time. I think 3 is the perfect age for this place - Cam was totally into everything, Maggie was a bit nervous.

  • After lunch, we took the subway and the bus back to Suzanne's house with a quick stop at Henry Bear's Park (where I was thankfully able to get out with a fireman toy for Cam and a microphone for Maggie). Suzanne wanted my help to pick out a toy for her nephew who is turning two. My first suggestion was the Car Carrier from Melissa and Doug - but they didn't have that, so of course, I said a Bruder truck. It was a little dicey getting out of there, Cam realized that he wasn't taking home a new Bruder truck, he was trying to tell me that he didn't have THIS ONE... but I talked him down with the fireman. Phew.

  • Then we were back at Suzanne's, and Cam didn't want to leave. At all. So I left a car seat there, and left. Maggie was a little sad to be leaving Suzanne, but happily sung to me all the way home. I was nervous that Cam would realize that I wasn't there and be upset, but he was fine. Which is nice! I love it that Cam has another grownup that he is perfectly happy with.

  • Cam stayed at Suzanne's for about three hours and then came home and he was the boy on the edge. He was SO overtired and overstimulated that you could tell anything was going to make him cry. He was in bed and completely passed out by 7. Maggie, on the other hand, had a great nap and was up and playing in her crib until 9. Sigh.

  • But, this morning it snowed a few inches so both kids dove out of bed and ran downstairs to play in the snow. A few inches is fine with me - I was able to get a lot of the snow off the driveway too, and we still made it to daycare and work just fine.

  • I'm back at work today, and working full time is going to be relaxing after this weekend!


HereWeGoAJen said...

That is a very long weekend! It sounds like everyone had lots and lots of fun though.

Carrie27 said...

Agreed - a very busy, but fun-filled weekend.