Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day

When I was younger and still single, I used to get some cute Valentine's day cards and put them in the mail to all my female friends. Some were in relationships, some were single - but I figured it is always nice to get mail on a day when the hype is all about being loved and remembered. So I would send little packages to the special people in my life and hope it made them smile.

As time went on, I've fallen out of doing that. No reason why, either. And this year, one of my Facebook friends posted the coolest thing:

(Source here)

Totally simple to make and really cool! My plan is to make a bunch of these, turn them into pins and send them to my friends.

Then I was thinking how cute it would be to include a little Valentine from the kids with the pin, and I'd been searching for ideas - but honestly, they are still too young to really do more then scribble on a piece of paper. I'm not saying that isn't cute - but often I can't engage them for more than one piece of paper. And then I turn into the Craft Nazi - "Get back in here and draw! Draw another! And Another!" Which isn't fun for me or the kids. And makes Aaron wonder what is WRONG with me.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Those are so cute! I love them. (And Tiny Prints, I do also love Tiny Prints.)