Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Been a long time since I've done leftovers - so I've got a bunch!

  • I just need to state that toddlers/pre-schoolers are awesome. Yes, they have their faults (pooping in their pants, tantrums) but in general, they are awesome. The smallest thing is AMAZING. Like tomorrow morning, we are going to a friends' house for breakfast - and they have set up their train tracks all around the downstairs. I can't even tell you how this is going to blow Cam and Maggie's minds.

  • I have to report that my pushing for us eating dinner together, in the dining room, has officially paid off. Weds night, we went to our Aunt's house for a 65th birthday party. Both of my children sat at the table, ate in a civilised fashion, and asked to be excused. All the adults (including Aaron and I) were suitably impressed.

  • We are going to cut down our Christmas tree tomorrow - I'm excited! I think the gang is going to have a blast picking it out and decorating it.

  • My older dog is declining rapidly. It's sad. I'm kind of hoping that she falls asleep and just doesn't wake up - but that seems unlikely. So we are talking about our options, and they all pretty much end the same way. Which makes me sad.

  • I had this super awesome idea of taking Cam to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Then I went to buy tickets. Cheapest are $111 a seat. Super awesome idea no longer.

  • I haven't ordered my Christmas cards yet. I don't even have a good picture. Hoping this weekend I can get that taken care of.

  • I'm done with all of my planned homemade presents. I rock.


Heather said...

Toddlers DO rock! My oldest is 7, and I swear I somehow forgot about how there is something that is knock your socks off exciting every single day to a toddler. I love having a (almost) two year old again. (but 7 year olds rock too, it really keeps getting more and more fun)

Way to go on your homemade gifts. I'm still making many Christmas gifts and I have a lot of late nights ahead.

Sorry to hear about your dog. They get old way too quickly.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm done with about 3/4 of the homemade gifts. GAH. I am worried that I am not going to make it!

I like toddlers too. Do I have to start calling her a preschooler now? Blah.

Erin said...

We are going to Radio City...and I get emails all the time about deals. I'll let you know if I see one anytime soon, but there seem to be reduced tickets all over.

I love how excited my toddler gets over a cup of hot chocolate. Smile.

kate said...

i love the toddler stage!!! glad i'm not hte only nut who thinks the tantrums are worth the trouble :)

& i am beyond jealous you're done with your homemade presents. i have most not started, & am frantically quilting a quilt with the mantra "only __ days until christmas..." running through my head.

emily said...

Copy my photo card: snapfish, space for 20 (ish) photos, none are the greatest pics ever but kind of a review of 2011... almost all pics of the kids, because we don't have a single good picture of us all together.

I totally won't care!!

Sorry to hear about Abby. Hugs.