Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trip Planning - the food version

The other thing I've been thinking about for the trip is snacks and food. I want to bring as much stuff as I can in an effort to save money and avoid meltdowns when the only place to buy food doesn't have what they want!

Something that each kid loves is to have their own bag when we are eating on the go. Early on, I would make the mistake of handing one kid the bag, and dumping the other child's snack in one of those snack traps. Mama! I want the BAG! MY BAG! (you get the idea). Someone gave us two of these reusable snack taxis that we use on trips and it solves all conflicts - each has their OWN bag. The minute I was given them I thought - I can make these! With that thought in mind, I bought some awesome Eric Carle Fabric and riptstop nylon.... and then didn't do anything about it for over 2 years. This trip gave me the kick in the pants to finally make them.

I made four, and I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure out how to make the designs be the right side up when you folded the flap over. It's a testament to how many hours I've been working - my brain is fried by the end of the day.

My plan is to make a few more of these in different fabrics. Maybe some smaller ones too - for raisins or M&Ms. And then stuff them with snacks, and have the rest of the big bag in my luggage for the rest of the trip. I know Jen did a whole post on trip snacks (and I'm hoping she'll link to it in the comments) - but I'm planning the following: goldfish, animal crackers, raisins, trail mix, pretzels and grapes. Which them makes me think they'll be thirsty and begging for drinks all the time. Hmmmm.


Deborah said...

I recently did a 6-hour car ride with my son (just me & him), and one thing that was really helpful, at least on the way down, was surprise. He didn't know what snacks & toys I'd packed, I'd just bust them out when he got cranky. The surprise factor kept him entertained, and it also kept him from asking for one thing over & over. I kept the surprise candy for the end of the trip when he got crankiest!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Here's your snack list: With more snacks than you can handle!

Frieda said...

For drinks, freeze some of those juice packs. The ones in the bag, not the boxes. Even if you don't normally give them these, they would be good for your trip.

Grade A said...

LOVE those cute snack bags. By the way, just stumbled onto this blog:

Have a great trip!

Mitch said...

Hello, not sure if you are interested, but saw this on living social.. I live close to DC, thought this was a bargain!