Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Tonight, my friends, Aaron and I are having a true date night. We are going into the city, out to a very fancy dinner, and then staying over at a hotel.

  • We haven't spent a night together alone since Cameron was born.

  • I was worried the kids would be upset we weren't going to be home tonight, but when I told them that Suzanne was picking them up - they could care less about me. The whole way to school he listed all the things that he was going to do with Suzanne, and NOT me.

  • I did a 'real' thing of freezer cooking today for the first time. 34 meals in 6 hours. I was really tired by the end of it, but the amount of food in my freezer makes me happy. Now to pray my frig doesn't die like Jen's did.

  • This weekend I'm attending the first Twins Club event I've ever gone to. I joined the club when I was pregnant with the twins. I stay for the tag sale and ability to re-sell kids stuff - but this year they are having more events. And this one is free and at Playtown Express - which looks like a LOT of fun. So I'm going to it. I hope it doesn't trigger craziness.

  • Considering at least 20 people asked me if Cam and Maggie were twins when we were in DC (I think the double stroller triggered more questions than usual) and I survived, I think I'll be ok.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth has an unrelated friend who is a year and a half younger than her (and she is like a foot taller than) and we get asked if they are twins when they ride in a double stroller.

I shall pray for the health of your freezer.

Carrie27 said...

Have an awesome night out! I know the feeling of never getting out without the kiddos.