Thursday, September 6, 2012


Because I know you guys are already figuring it out - what are your Halloween plans? Cam and Maggie have been pretty consistent in asking to be an orange dinosaur and a purple butterfly. A friend of mine has a son who is also obsessed with orange and made an awesome orange dragon costume. It's a little big for cam, but I can make it work. And a butterfly? What is easier than that!!?!? I found these wings, and then I'll throw on black pants and a shirt, maybe a tutu, and she is good.

And, worst case, the other ideas they've been throwing around are super heroes, and we already have capes and super hero attire galore here. I'm done.

And everyone else? Let's hear it!


Erin said...

A knight and a dragon here! Would love to see the orange Dino. I am not loving any of the costumes I am seeing for sale do hoping to get some inspiration. Or maybe I will get on etsy. :-)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth has chosen Ladybug Girl. (And if you don't have those books for Maggie, get them!) Which means baby brother is required to be Bumblebee Boy. (I'll give you ONE MILLION DOLLARS if you find me a 4T long sleeved red leotard and a newborn sized long sleeved plain black onesie. They are available on Amazon but way more $$$ than I am willing to pay for such generic items.)

Kahla said...

Emery is wanting to be a witch, pretty doable. Chase, a blue ninja. On a side note, Chase's favorite color is orange as well.