Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday night Leftovers

  • I couldn't be more delighted with the good news in blogland this week. We have Jen's sweet baby boy and Serenity's pregnancy announcement. I cried happy tears when I read about both.
  • Thanks for all the good words on my body image post. I think a large factor about why I'm feeling great is my decision to buy new clothes that fit well. Not sitting around in old yoga pants does a lot for your self esteem.
  • We have a calm weekend ahead. This is the weekend of that family wedding, and it's like the elephant in the room. Aaron hasn't been sleeping well, and Facebook is filled with posts of family members making their way to Nantucket for the wedding. It's just sad that we are missing out on this.
  • But I still don't question the decision. We need to protect our hearts.
  • Work has been crazy this week, but the good kind of crazy where I've got everything under control in a whirlwind of chaos. I like that feeling.
  • Mom is closing on her house today. I'm surprised I'm not more sad about the sale of my childhood home, but I think it's time for mom to start her next chapter.
  • Any recommendations for new fall TV shows? I wasn't paying attention and haven't started watching any new shows.

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Sukey said...

I can't believe that no one commented on your last bullet point. Walking Dead! Season 3 starts 10/14 and Netflix has the first 2 seasons streaming. I'm not a fan of the vampire/zombie genre but after hearing that I'd love this show, I caved and am totally hooked. If I wasn't brought up with a New England thrift sensability, I'd get cable just so I could watch this show. You'd need to watch the first two seasons first though - you'll miss some of the build up if you jump into season 3. Plus they're so good. I think I watched season 2 in less than a week. Who am I kidding? I think it was less than 2 days!