Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A bit much

This weekend, we had a bunch of things going on. This was somewhat by design, as we were missing out on the family wedding, and I was trying to keep us busy. Saturday, both Aaron and I had one on one time with the kids. A neat new art place opened up in West Acton, and as that is totally Maggie's thing, I planned on taking her there to meet with some of her friends. Cam is not as big a fan of painting, so Aaron took him out for a Daddy day. My plan with Maggie was to grab coffee and a muffin at a coffee shop, hit Trader Joe's and then head to the art place. I bumped into a friend at the coffee shop, and we ended up going to her house. She is a mom to 4 girls, and of course, within minutes, she and Maggie were best friends.
My girlfriend needed to make cookies for a dinner she was going to that night, and Maggie was VERY excited to help.

After the cookie making detour, we made it to Colorful. Maggie was a huge fan. It was totally worth the $10 an hour to let her run free, making paintings on the wall and decorating boxes. She loved it.
Aaron and Cam called from their adventure, and Cam really wanted to show me his new Ironman toy, so Aaron stopped by the art place. I was a little annoyed, because I knew Cam wouldn't do the art stuff. And I was right. His good buddy S was there, and he spent the whole hour building a house for his new Ironman toy and S's horse.
In an excellent move, the lady in charge didn't charge me for Cam's hour. I'll totally go back there on a rainy Saturday.

Then Aaron and I split up again, and I delivered Cam to a fun afternoon with his best grownup buddy, Suzanne. She took him to the Fluff Festival, where he had loads of fun, and came home with a marshmallow shooter.
We capped off the weekend with a birthday party on Sunday. It was a wonderful party - a standard, at home party, but there must have been 18 kids there, and everyone had a great time. All the kids were so wonderful, my usual comment of  'it always ends in tears' didn't happen for this party. Love that. But, one of the mothers announced that she was pregnant with twins. That still takes the wind out of me when I hear that announcement. I'm pretty sure she did fertility treatments, and she is obviously stressing on having twins and a 4 year old. I gave her the information for the twins club and told her not to waste her pregnancy stressing. That it would all work out in the end. But it's still hard for me. Such flashbacks to all the time I wasted worrying about my situation, and then look where we are now. Anyway.

Oh, and I captured this shot of Maggie. She was eating birthday cake and I asked her if she liked it.
What do you think she said?


HereWeGoAJen said...

That is a crazy busy weekend! I'm glad that so much of it was fun.

serenitynowinfertile said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Love your ability to make lemonade always, Cece.


Janet said...

Cute kiddos! I really just want to squeeze Maggie's little cheeks!

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