Monday, October 22, 2012

Grand Finale

This weekend was the grand finale of a seemingly endless string of packed weekends. We went to the cabin to see how Mom has settled in Friday, Saturday went to the zoo, Saturday night was a potluck Halloween party, we ushered at church Sunday morning, and went to a really fun birthday party after church.

Thank God It's Monday. Seriously. I need a break from the fun.

One a year, Southwicks Zoo does a special in October where the kids get in free if they are wearing costumes. So that is when I bring them, as it's a pretty expensive outing otherwise. They not only have a bunch of animals, but mechanical rides (not included in the free admission) that little kids can go on and pony rides. My kids were in heaven.

Like I said on Friday, I had the kids dress up in more lightweight costumes for the zoo trip then what they are planning on wearing for Halloween. Maggie was very happy to be a fairy princess from her dress up box and I couldn't have laughed harder when Cam was dressed up as hulk. Destiny. He hammed it up all day, too.

 Here is Cam on one of the more scary rides - it went up really high and then dropped down - he wouldn't stop laughing, and I got him to raise his hands off the bar.
 Of course Maggie rode the horse ride over and over. The smile never left her face.
 The weather was so great - a perfect fall day. This zoo also has a ride called the Sky Safari, where you go on a ski lift and see the zoo from above. Cam just met the height requirement and we ended up going three times. It was a blast.

Sunday morning, we were filling is as ushers in church, and you would have thought the kids won the lotto for how excited they were about it. They ran up to everyone, said good morning, and gave a program. Cutest thing ever.

Then we went to at birthday party - we have had a birthday party every weekend since the beginning of September, and I think this was the last one for a while. It was at Teamworks - an indoor sports place. They had full run of a field, with a bounce house and an arcade. Both kids had a blast.

Anyway, I'm sitting and finding work more relaxing then my weekend!

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