Monday, October 29, 2012


We had a 'stay-at home' weekend as Cam likes to call them. The Drumlin Farm thing was fun, but maybe the kids were a bit too young, They were scared of a lot, but in the car told us that had a blast. Kids are weird. Aaron was a bit of wreck when we got home, and turned out he had a fever of 101. This is his third fever in less than a month, so the next morning I left him home to relax and took the kids to the Discovery Museum.

The Discovery Museum is really two separate museums - one for ages 2-6 and then another Science Museum is for 'all ages'. Cam is totally into going to the Big Kid museum. We went with a girlfriend who has twins 6 months younger than Maggie's - so she needed to stay at the museum for the smaller kids. But they had really publicized a Pumpkin Festival, so we got there right when the museum opened, all excited for the events. It turned out to be pretty lame. The face painting was 'paint your own face' and the only really pumpkin activity was decorating a tiny pumpkin (which Maggie loved). But Cam didn't and spent a lot of time whining that he wanted to go to the big boy museum. We finally separated from our friends and went to the Big Boy museum, at which point I get a text from Aaron telling me he has a fever of 102.6 and is on  his way to the doc. Sigh. So my threat of Daddy is going to pick you up if you whine again is gone (Yes. I use threats).

Turns out Aaron has pneumonia. Which actually is good thing - he is super bad at resting, and he is forced to rest.

Sunday we left the house, did church and then spent the day at a nice play date to give Aaron rest time. I love it that we have friends that allow us to invade for a full day. I called Aaron to check in around 4 and he said - I'm lonely! Come home. So we did.

Needless to say, I didn't do anything to 'prepare' for this storm. I have my own storm of cranky kids and a sick husband. This morning I woke up, and thankfully daycare is still open. So I had a little mini panic and filled up the tub, washed the dishes, printed out knitting patterns and charged my devices. Hoping we DON'T lose power, but man. We've got enough going on right now.

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