Thursday, October 4, 2012


I'm considering getting braces. I had them as a kid, but I didn't get everything fixed. My father had a huge space between his two front teeth, and I inherited this from him.

Lucky me.

And I don't know if he thought he was being funny or clever, but he wouldn't pay for that to be fixed with braces, because it was a family trait. And my mom couldn't afford to do it on her own, so I was stuck with my big space.

Between high school graduation and college, my mom paid for my teeth to get caps on them, so instead of a big space, it just looks like I have two VERY big front teeth. I think it looks fine (and so does everyone I ask), and had been fine with it for a while. But as I've aged, the space has gotten even bigger, and you have to maintain caps. Not a huge deal, but they need to be replaced every certain number of years, blah blah blah.

So about 5 years ago, I looked into getting braces. It was right around when I was going to be starting IVF, and Aaron and I decided not to do it, as did I really want to dealing with sore teeth on top of IVF and hopefully a pregnancy? I bagged the idea. fast forward a few years and I was hanging out with my cousin, and noticed that her teeth looked AWESOME. She had done invisalign. I asked her about it, and thought that maybe that is what I would try when I finally got around to it.

Well, its getting to time for me to deal with getting my caps redone, and I thought I would look into braces again. I just found out the cost, and while not cheap, it's doable. So I'm trying to decide if I'm just being silly about my space, or if I really want to go through the pain and expense of braces.

Anyone out there do braces in their late 30s? I would do the invisalign and fix some other issues on my bottom teeth too.... so I'm not going to running around with a metal mouth (although I bet Cam would think that was cool! Mommy! You look like a robot!)


Amanda said...

When I picture your smile, I think of very nice, straight teeth. I don't think of a big gap or snaggly teeth! :) However, my mother got braces to straighten just her lower teeth when she was in her mid 40's, and she never regretted doing it. I think if it would make you feel more confident about your smile, then go for it!

Amy said...

My husband got braces when he was 48! He needed them for a long time and finally I just pushed and pushed. So glad I did! My sister is 36 and she just got braces too! The time you put into will go so much faster than you think!

HereWeGoAJen said...

My mom got braces in her forties, a couple of years after I did. She was really pleased with the results. Though I remember her being a whiny baby while they were on.

Anonymous said...

My SIL has braces - just got them a couple of years ago. I was surprised when she told us she was getting them - her teeth weren't bad at all, in my opinion, but she said that she had been annoyed with them for years. She knew it was changeable, so why not?

They're a lot to maintain (she has rubber bands and whatnot, too), but she said that she is very happy with her decision to get them.

I say go for it. :)

Megan said...

After having braces twice as a kid and still using retainers/bite planes, etc., I did invisalign this summer. It is no fun! But, it did correct my minor issues. I think it is faster to do regular old braces- but check with your ortho. Nobody really noticed my invisalign except when I had to take it out to eat or drink anything (except water).

Christy said...

I doubt you will ever regret investing in your teeth. Doing this now could ward off problems in the future. Besides, if it will make you happy, go for it!