Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Maggie has switched from being a devil child to an angel. I really wish I could get inside her mind to see what is going on in there. Wednesday morning, she screamed and kicked and cried her way to school, and has been perfect and happy ever since I picked her up Wednesday night.
  • Tonight we go to Drumlin Farm for the Halloween Happenings. There are lots of activities, including a Hayride. The kids get to wear costumes and see hundreds of craved pumpkins. It'll be a blast.
  • In a related note, I got them flashlights to bring. I got Cam a fun lantern, and Maggie a horse one. I didn't read the description, but turns out the horse flashlight makes horse noises. To some that would be annoying, but as Maggie runs around yelling NEIGH all the time, I bet I won't even notice.
  • Looks like a huge storm is coming through for Halloween. I really hope it's just rain! Or maybe, best case, just rain in the morning... but doesn't look like it.
  • I got my new iPhone yesterday. Love it. Of course, my old one was on it's last legs (the home button was having intermittent issues and yes, total first world problem). I didn't have Siri before, so I'm having fun messing around with that.
  • And I got a cool case. You can throw your credit card and few bucks in the back. 
  • The kids birthday party is on Dec 15th this year. Their birthdays are Nov 29th and Dec 5th - so I'm trying to plan a little fun thing on the actual day. For Maggie, I'm going with friends to visit their horse (and all the other horses in the barn!) and for Cam, planning a day at the Boston Children's museum.
  • While looking for something for Maggie's birthday, I found a place that will do a little pony party for her. They have a tiny pony called Tinkerbell, and she can use finger paints and ribbons to decorate her first (which made me feel bad for the horse, but they assured me that the horse actually likes the attention), and then go for a little lesson. They couldn't do it on the actual day, so I'm having my mom bring her as Grandma's special present.
  • Have I mentioned I'm back into swimming? I'm swimming with a real masters team (they compete and everything) Monday and Weds nights. They practice from 8 - 9:30, and I thought I would hate working out that late, but it's been working out great. Fun people, hard workouts - and yes, I sleep better and feel better.


Heather said...

Do you have a chance of snow on Halloween?? In 1991 we had a Halloween blizzard, and while I was too old for trick or treating I still loved it! We got nearly 3 feet of snow over a couple days, about half on Halloween. Kids might not have covered as much distance that night, but most still went trick or treating in their snowsuits. It was fun!

That is a cool phone case. And I hear you on crazy mood swings. My almost three year old is the same way.

HereWeGoAJen said...

They get to decorate the horse first? That's like the coolest thing ever.