Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moving onto Christmas

Even though this weekend is the BIG birthday party for the kids, we are officially past the birthday's and I felt like we needed to get Christmas into the house. We've been doing the elf for a while (our elf only moves from place to place. He doesn't do anything crazy) but I didn't want Christmas to go up until the birthdays are over.

For the past two years, we've been cutting down our own tree in some nearby conservation land for $20. But this year, I find out that there is a cheap place in town from my girlfriend. Trick is, the place is run by an old man who is obviously just selling trees to keep his year round farm status for tax purposes. So the trees certainly aren't showcase by any means.

But it was fun, and Cam was very proud to have picked out our tree. It's a small tree (maybe 5 ft?) and one side has a big hole - but one side is against the wall, anyway, right? Both kids helped Dad cut it down with the saw:
 And we had it up and decorated that afternoon.
I'm all about the small tree now. Barely takes up any space, but still looks awesome and our house has that great Christmas tree smell. We have the lights on a timer, so when I'm working from home I get a smile when the tree turns on by itself. Love it.


Sukey said...

It's perfect size for the kids! And thanks for reminding me about the timer - I've been clumsily trying to turn on and off my lights. I totally forgot I usually put them on a timer - doh.

Erin said...

So very cute!