Thursday, December 6, 2012

Big week!

Since I last blogged, we celebrated Maggie's birthday, I traveled to Nantucket alone with the kids, Maggie had her 3 year check up, dealt with the anniversary of Nora's death and then we celebrated Cam's birthday.

And I'm done.

 If I had the luxury of timing my children's births - they would have been spring or summer birthday's, about 3 month's apart. I always need to plan a birthday party at a 'venue' because there is no option of an outdoor party. And now that the birthdays are past, I need to deal with birthday present thank you notes, Christmas trees, Christmas parties, Christmas cards, and Christmas presents. No break. And giving a bike or outdoor toy as a birthday or Christmas present is kind of lame, because in New England they really don't get to play with it for months. Plus, by the end of December they begin to expect presents with every single visitor and that becomes obnoxious.

But. We had a wonderful time on both days. Maggie got to go horseback riding and Cam went on the T into the city to the Boston Children's Museum (with a stop at Daddy's office where the whole office sang him happy birthday). Both kids had mini-birthday parties with friends on the actual birthday. It is VERY important to me to make a big deal of there birthday so that they understand that the day they were born is a big deal because THEY are a big deal.

Maggie's 3 year check up went AWESOME. Maggie used to cry from the minute we walked into the office until we left. She wouldn't talk to the doctor, or even leave my lap. This year? She marched right into the office, told the doc all about her birthday, her love of horses, sang her the ABC' was great. I've been a little worried about a cough she's been having, and the chance that she possibly has an ear infection - but she has no issues. She is growing perfectly, looks great and is right on target for everything. And we went on the 4th, so I got to give my doc a hug and let her know we were doing OK with the anniversary of Nora's death. She is such an awesome doc that she had remembered the date and sent me an email checking up on me this past weekend.

Aaron had a boy's weekend this past weekend, so I became inspired and took the kids to see my MIL. It was the Christmas Stroll on Nantucket and the kids had a BLAST. And I was so amazed at how well the two of them did.

But, I'm happy for a bit of downtime. It's actually relaxing to be at work right now.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

That's a very big week. I'm glad everything went well. Hugs to you!