Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The finale

Saturday afternoon we had the kids birthday party at Jamtime in Maynard. I can't recommend it enough. We shared the party with friends, so there were three birthdays being celebrated by 26 kids. We had the whole place to ourselves and just had a huge blast. Plenty of space for the kids to run, plenty of pizza and cupcakes.... just fun fun fun.

I was a bit more vocal on what the kids wanted/needed for their birthday, as in years past I didn't say anything. If people asked me what they wanted I would actually send them our amazon wish list - and both kids were blown away by the presents they got, and somehow we didn't even get any duplicates. I had felt a little obnoxious being specific on what to get, but seems like the mom's actually appreciated it (I know I love getting an amazon wish list for a birthday party).

But this influx of toys brought me to the tipping point and I got rid of four HUGE boxes of stuff. I gave away our train table, all the track and all the trains. I gave away things the kids didn't play with. Things they grew out of. And I kept the things they play with often and put them in one of these storage things. And this morning, when they went downstairs to play while I got dressed, I cringed a little. Would they freak out that the train table was gone? Nope. They were delighted to be able to see all the toys they wanted to play with right there. They didn't care at all that the train table was gone.



HereWeGoAJen said...

I need to get rid of some toys too. Soon. My house is being overrun.

Ruby Girl said...

Good on you for letting people know what toys were wanted.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013.