Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

About 2 weeks ago, I said on facebook - "It's a sad commentary on my life that my goal is to make it through December without a death or hospitalization in my immediate family". The month of December has been crap for me the past 5 years - I had a miscarriage (and a D&C), found out my father-in-law is basically a vegetable, had my daughter die, had my father die, and last year, Maggie and I almost rang in the New Year with her in the hospital with her breathing issues.

And I did meet that goal. We've had a pretty wonderful year. A nice, calm year with no huge issues and lots of fun times. I ended the year by taking the week off and relaxing. Christmas was great, the kids had a blast, we hung out with friends and family and I got a couple days to myself to knit and watch TV. Pretty much a perfect week.

Looking forward to next year, I do have a few goals. I want to get back into blog reading and commenting. I stopped doing a lot of blog commenting because blogs are blocked at my work - and I would do a lot of blog reading at lunch. Which is silly. I still read, but just haven't been commenting. So I joined Dresden in her 'connected' list and and going to work to read AND COMMENT much more than I have been.

My other goals are all in keeping with what I've already been up to:
  • Just this morning, I signed up for the next session of masters swimming. This has been a great addition to my life since the summer. I love the way I feel after I swim, the people are great and it's a perfect time for me to stick with it (it's 8-9:30 at night two times a week and Saturday afternoons right after lunch, no excuses!)
  • I want to read all the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books.
  • I want to knit/sew/craft more
  • Going out on a limb with a new role at work
That's it. Nothing life changing (maybe a little with the new job), as I think my life is going great. What about you? Big plans for the new year? Join me and Dresden in the blog list!


HereWeGoAJen said...

I like your plans for this year. And I am very glad you made it through December this year.

Kelly Kinkaid said...

We have a masters swim program in my hometown also. I have friends who are are swimming in it, and they say things to me when I mention I'm thinking about it like, "Oh it's easy. You can start with just a 1500." Dude. Just a 1500? LOL Anyway, as a mom of a swimmer and a friend of many swimmers I just wanted to say congrats! Your goals are looking good for 2013.