Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hurrah for long weekends!

We had a wonderful long weekend. My crabby mood was lifted by spending fun time with the gang. Saturday morning, we woke up and went to Cam's swim lesson. He is really loving them, and Aaron was inspired to start swimming laps again. We got the kids home, and I went swimming with my swim team - always a mood lifter. Maggie took a nap, and we finally got an answer to Maggie's crabbiness - she woke up from nap sobbing that her ear hurt.

I love it that my kids are now old enough to tell us what hurts - Maggie told Aaron that her ear hurt, we got her to the doc, ear infection confirmed, Advil given and antibiotics started within hours. And she is done being crabby, which helped me end MY crabbiness.

Sunday, we were able to drop the kids off with our Aunt and Uncle and go see a movie at the Strand Theater. It's a great place, where you can get a burger and beer while you watch a movie. Great date!

Then the Patriots lost the AFC Championship. so that was annoying.

But Monday, Aaron had the great idea to meet up with friends at One Stop Fun - where he had taken the kids to a birthday party. It was a BLAST. And then, after lunch, we took the kids to family swim - Maggie was SO happy to get to take a 'swimming lesson' with mama.

We just had such a great combination of family time and couple time and alone time this weekend - great recovery time.

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