Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Deep Breath

Select-a-size paper towels almost made me lose my shit this morning. I usually buy the 'normal' paper towels - but grabbed these select-a-size ones. Aaron was whining about it on Sunday, and I was like dude. Get over it. It's freaking paper towels.

This morning, many things went wrong. There was multiple bodily fluids on different surfaces, none of them my own, and none of them unavoidable. But while cleaning up these messes, I kept pulling off these TINY FUCKING PIECES OF PAPER TOWEL. It's a miracle that I kept my cool, and just dealt with it... but seriously!?

Needless to say, I'm not buying those again.

I don't like talking too much about potty training much on the blog. We take a very laissez-faire attitude to potty training that has worked great so far. When the kids were ready, they told me and stopped using diapers. And it worked. We kept nighttime diapers, because neither kid ever has woken up with a dry diaper, but I just don't stress about it. But this morning has made me question my take on night time potty training. When I asked Cam why he pooped in his diaper (when he hasn't done so in YEARS) he told me, "because I was too tired to get out of bed" (and I want a gold star for not losing my shit when he said that). But, I'd love to hear what worked for you all?

Maggie has this big 'show' she puts on before she goes potty - which involves turning on the bathroom light (which she can't reach, and even in the daytime). When I'm home alone with them, I just keep the damn light on. Aaron can't stand leaving lights on, so when he is home, he'll flip off the bathroom lights off - which then results in a puddle of pee because she left it to the last minute but she was more concerned with turning on the light and moving the stool and getting the potty seat (which is all unnecessary and why I call it the 'show'). This resulted in me somewhat losing it on Aaron (JUST LEAVE THE GOD DAMN LIGHT ON).

So he decided to put in a motion light in the bathroom to appease me - and it's awesome. Maggie walks in the bathroom and says 'Momma! The light turned on!' and happily goes about her business (WIN). But we also have a big closet in that bathroom, where I store our larger pots and less used kitchen appliances. I was walking in yesterday to put away the crock pot, and the light just turns on. Love. It.


Heather said...

My oldest just started waking up dry about a week after she was potty trained. I didn't do a thing other than stop putting on the nighttime diaper.

The youngest just started wearing underwear days before she turned three. I have a feeling nighttime training won't be do easy with her, and I don't really know what to do about it.

A motion light in the bathroom is freaking genius! My in laws have one in their mudroom. We're building a new house now, and I think I'll have one installed in both locations.

MamaB (BrandiH) said...

My almost 4 year old never woke up with a dry diaper. One night she spent the night at the sitter and she didn't put a diaper on her. She woke up and went to the bathroom. We borrowed a cot from the sitter and she slept on that for 2 weeks I think with no diaper, had 2 accidents total and now she wakes in the night to go to the bathroom if she needs to.

I'm pretty sure it was just laziness that was making her wake up with a wet diaper.

I LOVE the motion light idea.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Matt hated the small sized paper towels too.

I don't know. Elizabeth night trained herself. It is one of my parenting gimmees. No work on my part. Simply luck.

Jenna said...

I can't use regular sized paper towels after years of using select-a-size. Last time we bought the original size, I kept RIPPING THEM IN HALF and/or causing THE WHOLE ROLL TO UNROLL. Who knew that paper towels were so rage inducing?

Deborah said...

My son was the same as Heather's daughter - started waking up dry a week after he stayed dry during the day. I'm not sure, but I think stopping nighttime diapers around the same time as daytime ones probably makes it easier. Then they're getting the message that it's a whole package, day & night potty training. Not sure that helps you much now, though.

One thing we did to stop before-bed bottles, that might work for night training, is to look at the number of bottle inserts we had left (we were using Playtex drop-ins) and tell J: see, there are 7 of them. When we run out, we're not buying more. Every few days he'd ask how many were left, but when we ran out, he didn't complain. Maybe do the same with a newish pack of pull-ups?

Stace said...

What we did with Colby was we would put him to bed in underwear... And since he could sleep through anything, little while later I'd go a d put a diaper on top of the underwear to protect the sheets. He 'thought' he was diaperless so he went to bed knowing he had to hold it. I reality he may have wet the diaper maybbbbbbbe three times before we nixed the diaper and just put on the underwear. We have never had a day or night accident. He potty trained at 2.5 on his own though...