Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday night leftovers

  • This has been a short, yet annoying (again) week. With Cam being sick, the 'co-location' at work (the nice way of saying layoffs) and it being bitterly cold - happy that it's Friday.
  • I started with my Insivalign yesterday, and I can tell you, it's interesting. They feel weird, but you can't see them. And you need to take them out to eat and drink (not water - but anything that would stain like coffee or wine). So - not only will I have straighter teeth, I but I see weight loss in my future. No drive by snacks anymore
  • Aaron turns 40 on Saturday, April 13th. I want to do something awesome, but always tells me his isn't a fan of making a big deal out of his birthday. But, when I have a party for him, he has a blast.
  • This weekend we are taking Cam tubing. I'm super excited. I love tubing, and we have a babysitter for Maggie. The last time I went tubing was maybe ten years ago and I had a BLAST.
I've had this screen up for hours now. Obviously I have nothing exciting to write, so happy weekend everyone!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm happy it is Friday too.

And I often take hours to write my leftovers post too. But I rarely come up with anything after the first burst of writing.