Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Goal.

Obviously, it's to get pregnant.

But as I've found out, I don't really have any control over that.

So - between now and ER date (which should be in the middle of July) I want to lose 15 pounds. That is about 3 months from now.... and it should be doable. Especially for someone like me, who easily has 50 pounds to lose.

I've often stressed myself out by doing such dumb things as googling 'High BMI and IVF success', or 'Impact of High BMI on Fertility' (don't do it, trust me). From everything that my doctor has said, my weight isn't the issue. I don't have PCOS and my blood work always comes back 'normal'. My blood pressure is low. Even with that knowledge, I always have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that it is my weight. But, as with most overweight people, it's a pretty big struggle to do anything about it. Last year, I gave myself a kick in the pants, and lost 25 pounds. But I stalled at that point.

Today, I'm declaring that I'm doing something about it. I'm already going to Bikram Yoga 4 times a week. I'm going to start closely following Weight Watchers, and add in either walking or swimming each day. And I'm going to report my progress here every Weds. I'm not going to post my actual weight - but I'll say how many days of yoga, how many days of walking/swimming, and pounds lost. I'll even start tomorrow, even though I didn't make this pledge to myself until Saturday.

Good times, good times.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Good luck with your weight loss. You are much more disciplined than I. One of these days I will try to get back into shape...maybe next month...

Geohde said...

Trust me, from someone who's had many an internet related freakout, Google Is Bad. Stay away :)

Far, far away.

Ann said...

I think this is an awesome idea! It will give you something else to focus on, and the blog will give you accountability.