Thursday, April 26, 2007


I was going to write this whole big long post about how there is just no way on God's Green Earth that I could ever follow the assvice to 'just relax'.

It isn't in my nature.

But I have a really bad head cold, and I just can't concentrate. And I can't bring myself to take decongestants as I think I ovulated yesterday, and we had pretty much prefect timing, and I don't want to mess anything up for this month.

Fuck you, infertility.


Ann said...

What about Tylenol cold products? Aren't they safe?

If you're incredibly miserable, I don't seem how taking just a few drugs to help you would hurt a potential pregnancy, especially when it's so incredibly early. But that, of course, is just more assvice that you can ignore. :)

Cece said...


I'm stopping to get some on the way home. Of course, I at my super stressful job right now, dealing with a huge production issue.

Geohde said...

I stopped living my life around whether I might be pregnant or not some time ago.

Then of course I got pregnant, and worried for several months about what two beers would have done to my baby's brain development.

Kind of ironic since the major problem was that very little brain was there.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am sorry that you are stressed and not feeling well. I hope that you feel better soon!