Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So - even though I'm trying to pretend like we aren't TTCing until the IVF stuff (as I've stopped charting, didn't use OPKs, stopped going to acupuncture, stopped taking herbal remedies, and actually let my VIP membership to Fertility Friend expire) - Aaron and I have pretty much covered all of our bases for this month. I'm on CD 17... so... I'm assuming the 2ww has begun. The good thing about not charting is that it'll be harder (but not impossible, trust me) to obsess.


In my 'goal' news for this week, here is the report:
Walking: 3 days at 3 miles a shot
Swimming: Pool was closed this past week
Yoga: 5 times
Weight lost: 2.5


serenity said...

Go you with the weight loss! I am trying not to look at it as losing weight, instead I just want to be in shape again. My goal is to run a marathon in 2 years - and boy do I have a LONG WAY TO GO!

Anyway, go you girl!!!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Good for you on the weight loss!!