Monday, September 29, 2008

A list for the past weekend:

In the mood to post, but not in the mood to really write. The solution? List it out!

1. Mom visited this weekend. She makes me a little nervous because she cries at anything. At dinner, she was crying about a story where she took a pair of socks from the hospital for her dog to smell when her first husband was dying (of cancer). I guess it made the dog feel better. This was 38 years ago.

2. Saturday I saw my doula. Love her. We went over a 'birth plan' - or lack thereof (which I am happy with and will talk about at a later date).

3. At her store, I found a mirror for the car (I guess babies love these? While in the carseat?) that didn't have a button that makes music. When I was registering for stuff with my girlfriends, they said the mirror was essential... but all the ones at BRU made really annoying noises. Noises that I'm thinking would cause me to stop the car and toss the damn thing out the window. But perhaps your tolerance for annoying electronic noises goes up when you have a baby?

4. We went to Chunky's and saw Eagle Eye. Decent movie, fun place.

5. It rained. And rained. And rained.

6. Bought a few more long sleeve maternity shirts, and also, FINALLY bought some baby clothes. I want to get something to take home the baby that was for a girl or boy - and I got some super cute things. Of course, after I rip the labels off of one, I notice I bought the 3 month size. Sigh.

7. I got ribbons on all my knitting at the fair. Hurrah.


bleu said...

Congrats on the ribbons, soooo impressive!!!!!!!!!!

I am such a crier too.

I wish it would rain here, it has been over 3.5 months since there was any rain.

As for the 3 month size, that is the size Bliss wore the first days and moved to 6 month sizes way too fast after that.

Beautiful Mess said...

Bad news, you never get use to the annoying music or noises on toys. Sorry, but it's true. Good news, the mirror is the best invention EVER! Glad you have a nice time with your Douala. Enjoy your day!

Fertilized said...

Congratulations on the ribbons! That is awesome.

I twitch listening to most of those stupid baby music/song/noises...hate hate hate them. My child just loves them so much that at times, I find myself in a trance over then because he is just so happy with them.

Yes a mirror is essential. at 2-3 mnths he really became fascinated by looking at himself in them.. Now the frst thing he does when he gets in the carseat in the car is "talks" to himself for a few minutes

edie & ella said...

Congrats on the ribbons...way to go!!!
Regarding number 3.) When faced with a screaming baby or an annoying electronic mirror....the mirror will ALWAYS win.....I hated those types of stupid things pre babies...and still do for that matter but they are far less annoying than a wailing child...the mirrors work....we have one that sings VERY LOUDLY... rain rain go away come again another day.......blah blah blah SAM

tobacco brunette said...

Congrats! You are obviously very talented.

At my shower this weekend I got a "noisy mirror" and a silent one. I know which one I'd prefer to keep, but I suspect it's the obnoxious one that will be the baby's preference.

Sassy said...

Well done on all the ribbons! And I never even knew those mirrors existed before this post. I guess I should add one to my list.

Lauren said...

Congrats on the ribbons! And... I stumbled upon your blog some time ago but have never left a comment. So here it is - you are TAGged. My blog shows you what to do if you're game. I've enjoyed your story and look forward to reading about your bundle of joy!

Lucia said...

After two kids and lots of hospital time, I hate any and all electronic noises with the proverbial white heat of a thousand suns. I don't even like to hear people whistle. But I am cranky, so you may be different. Or not.