Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to work.

Well. That was a great vacation! It was really a 'stay-cation' - because we didn't go anywhere besides our house, but it was good. Mon - Weds I just hung around, had some 'me' time with Hulk still going to daycare... and then the end of the week was reserved for surgery and recovery. And he is doing great - I'm so thankful that there is no need to worry about that anymore! I do wish Aaron and I had more time to just hang out together, but he was busy with his projects, and they need to get done, so I can't complain.

Spending all the time with Hulk over the past 4 days was great too. We have such a little gem in our son. He is all smiles - and I could spend all day just watching his joy as he discovers things. He is crawling at high speeds, and going EVERYWHERE. No longer does he need me in his sights.. now he does laps around the downstairs... trying to crawl up the stairs (god save me) and if he isn't crawling, he is pulling up on something. He needs to do all this activity with a toy in at least one hand, which has gone badly a few times.. but he is learning! So fast! It's unbelievable to me that 8 months ago we had just brought him home with us! The changes that happen in such a small time are almost a miracle.

Some commented that they didn't remember what the surgery was to correct - I never blogged about it. I'm just thinking 10 years in the future their may be a few things that Hulk won't forgive me for sending around the internet, and some details of his healthcare may be one of them.

Today I'm 22 weeks! I'm feeling great - actually after this vacation, a lot better. I was really having a lot of pain standing up for a past few weeks - but with a week to just hang out and nap almost every day.... I feel much better. Although I'm really considering getting one of those maternity support belts - anyone use those with success? It really feels like this pregnancy is flying by...considering they are scheduling my c-section for 38 weeks, I only have 16 weeks to go. (I hate typing my 'scheduled c-section'. I know my doc says we'll revisit it as I get closer, but I just have this feeling that it will be a c-section. On one hand, at least I know what to expect... but on the other....)

Anyway, 16 weeks... 4 months... until we go from a family of 3 to a family of 5! It has me ALMOST in freak out mode on the current state of the house. Aaron's project this week was enlarging and redesigning his workshop in the basement - which he wasn't really able to finish. I can't gauge how long it's going to take to finish - but it seems like a hell of a lot of work to me. And then, while he was working on the basement, he found a water leak in one of the pipes. Thank god he found it - but that resulted in a huge hole in the upstairs bathroom's wall and floor. After the basement is done, he needs to finish up work in the upstairs bathroom (he started installing a utility sink and cabinets in there after he moved the laundry upstairs... but things stalled when he realized he needed to use his table saw to cut some pieces. The table saw couldn't fit in his shop with the old setup, hence last week's project. Sigh.) And finally - the nursery! We have to install flooring and remove wallpaper and paint! Not a small list of shit to get done! Let's hope that it's less work than it appears to be...

What amazes me sometimes is that really, our house was in 'move in condition' when we bought it. Sure, lots of cosmetic stuff, but I feel like we are always tweaking and messing with it. I love every change we'd made, but I'll be thankful to have these few projects out of the way and the house in a stable state for a while when they are finished.


Megan said...

I used a maternity support belt during my pregnancy and LOVED it. I could definitely tell when I had forgotten to put it on- I would be sore, achy and more tired at the end of the day. They have lots of styles of maternity support belts- I got mine on Amazon. com- but I had a simple below the bump over the butt style. I felt like it really helped to "hold things in place". I would definitely recommend getting one!

Jen said...

Those 4 months are going to fly by. Do you think your pregnancy with Hulk seemed longer? When you have a baby to chase around it seems like time speeds by.

amysue said...

I'm glad you're all doing so well. It's a good thing I wasn't blogging as much in 2000 when Noah had some necessary surgery because knowing me I'd have been detailed in my blogging and now, at 11, he'd be mortified!

Enjoy the rest of the nice weather with Hulk! With the boxers, won't you really be a family of 7?

Cassandra said...

I have a support belt that's I wear when I'm doing a lot of bending, lifting, moving stuff (i.e., things I'm not really supposed to do) like when I'm working in the pottery studio or setting up the nursery. It makes a huge difference to wear the belt, during but especially afterward.

I don't wear it that often, though, because I'm usually quite sedentary and it's not all that comfortable. But since you probably have to lift Hulk all the time, I'd guess that you need it more than I do.

Happy 22!

Jen said...

I suspected that Hulk's surgery was something like that since you hadn't mentioned what it was exactly.

I'm glad your vacation was good!