Monday, August 24, 2009

Little bit whiney.

Well, maybe more than a little bit. And I feel kind of bad about it. I went today from my 24 week checkup, and all is great. Blood pressure good, babies sound good, and I'm up 8 pounds total (at this point in my pregnancy with Hulk, I was up 13 pounds- of course, I started about 10 pounds heavier this time...). Since Friday I've been feeling a little beaten down, I guess is the best way to say it. Everything that I want to do is tempered by the pregnancy. My knee hurts, rolling over at night hurts, getting Hulk in and out of his car seat is a pain.... wah wah wah. I feel like I enjoyed be pregnant so much more with Hulk. And I feel like an ass for not feeling that way this time! It's almost laughable that we tried so hard to get pregnant the first time, and now I have the audacity to whine about things this time.

I said that to my doc, and she was like - I really feel for you. She told me that everything the second time around (even if there are years between pregnancy) is harder. You've got less down time, because you have your first baby to look after, and everything will just stretch out faster and more this time. She said to just think a few years ahead, when things will be back to normal (at least with my body). God I hope so. I would love to get my body back to where it was before all the fertility treatments! But that will take a lot of work. Which I'm willing to do - I just know it'll be hard with 3 babies to run around after (or does that count as cardio?).

Anyway - she confirmed that I'll be in the hospital for 4 days after the c-section. But that they just don't schedule c-sections for twins this early, since there are so many factors in when they would be delivered. They just keep monitoring me with monthly ultrasounds, and starting at week 31, twice weekly non-stress tests. Goodie. I'll enjoy this last month or so of minor doctor appointments - because looks like I'm going to have a huge amount of visits to the doctor come October/Nov.


emily said...

Don't feel bad... you may or may not know this but I am the biggest whiner on earth. Newsflash? I didn't think so! I blogged a wile back about feeling bad for baby #2 (in your case #2 and #3) because I am not as enamored with this pregnancy as I was with the first, but now that I'm almost done, I don't feel so bad. I just can't wait for him to get here!! So I hope it subsides for you. And if you really want to whine, send me an email! I don't mind, it's my way of life. :)

Carrie27 said...

Go read my post, I just wrote about being a whiny pants as well.

Being pregnant with twins intensifies everything, especially when you have a young child to tend to.

Jen said...

No, pregnant with twins and having a baby to look after entitles you to some whining. Go for it.

Cassandra said...

My friend who has twins and a singleton (but twins first, the opposite order of you, and exactly opposite genders) told me that twin pregnancy is more than twice as difficult as singleton pregnancy. Her singleton pregnancy was a breeze, and she was chasing around twin toddlers!

Don't underestimate how much those two are taking out of you.

Jen said...

Plus not only is this #2, but #2&3 so you get to whine more because you're doing double the work this time.

And did you just say 2x weekly NST's. How horrible! I thought it was bad when I had to do that after reaching 40 weeks with Jillian. To do that for several weeks would suck royally.

Sparkle Mommy said...

Did you move Hulks carseat over to the side yet? You'll have to anyway when the babies are born, and it makes it sooooo much easier to get him in and out. We moved Lyra over when I was about 24 weeks b/c it was so hard to get her in the middle. Just a little something that may help a bit.

Also if you think your whiny now, just wait until those babies arrive. You'll have plenty to whine about. Don't feel bad, it goes with the territory. I think any more than one kid brings with it a lot more mixed emotions about parenthood. It's a hard job no matter how much you love your kids!