Friday, April 16, 2010

Back and ready, I guess

I'm back from my trip. Honestly, traveling across country wasn't all that bad. Maggie was pretty great on the plane, and things really worked out that I got to bring her car seat on with me on the longer flights. So - I could hold her, but if she fell asleep, I could put her down.

The actual trip was a combo. I took it kind of as a 'soft launch' into the real world. Where Aaron wasn't with me to hold my hand, and there was about a 50/50 split of people who knew what happened and those that didn't. I did a lot better than I thought I would, in all honesty. Maggie was rough the first 2 nights, getting over being super tired, and then adjusting to the new time zone. I was freaking out a little, because I left Aaron home with a VERY sick little boy - and Aaron caught it too. I also had it a little, but not as bad as the boys. Anytime Maggie pooped - I was SO nervous that she was going to be sick too, but she never got it, thank god.

What I found is that I'm good. But I lack the ability to cope 100%. So, if everyone wasn't going my way I would sometimes lose my shit (like I couldn't find the right adapter for the video monitor one night and I started crying). On the flip side, I really, truly don't care about the little things anymore. My girlfriend that was driving me to the airport took a wrong turn, and we were going to be cutting it close to get to my flight... I seriously didn't care. Normally, I would get that tight feeling in my chest that I was going to miss my flight and start freaking out. I didn't. I told her not to worry, and I didn't either. I figured if I missed my flight, I would just catch the next one. A few other things like that happened on the trip - and I guess I've realized that there are things that are worth worrying about and things that just do not matter. It's nice.

Work starts on Monday. Which I think is a good thing. People ask me if I'm ready, and honestly - I have no clue. But how can you know until you try, right? I know we need the money!


HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm glad you are doing okay. I was actually just thinking about you tonight and wondering what was going on.

SS said...

good luck Cece. congrats on a successful trip.

weebug said...

you did pretty darn awesome! thanks for putting up with me!

amysue said...

I'm glad you and Maggie had fun at Sock Camp and hope re-entry to the work world goes smoothly.

Take care of yourself!

beebles said...

great that the trip went off without too much stress....i am sure the transition back to work will take some adjustments...sending good thoughts

Tracy said...

I was so glad you came to sock camp!! You and Maggie were champions -
Good luck at work next week, and keep in touch!