Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bullet Point Post

  • No idea why I haven't been posting
    • Aaron dressed up as the Easter bunny and hid eggs for the neighborhood kids. It was crazy cute.

    • Stopped torturing Maggie with rice cereal on a spoon, and added it to her bottle before bed. She is sleeping 7 - 1 solid each night, then again until around 5. Not awesome, but not awful with the sleep - I'm not sure that what I'm going to do about it - but decided to wait on that until I get back from our trip
    • I'm leaving on on a trip Thursday with Maggie to Brainbridge Island (insert panicky voice here)
    • I start working full time in less than 2 weeks (insert higher pitched panicky voice here)
    • Hulk is getting new words every day - this week we've added BUBBLES! and WHY? (sigh)
    • Hulk has had diarrhea since Easter - and I'm freaking out that Maggie is going to get it for my trip (more panic here)
    • Also freaking out a little bit about money, but I just need to get over it.


    Heather said...

    What a great guy!

    Bubbles are AWESOME!! (sorry about the WHY)

    No assvice on sleeping...

    Hope your trip goes well. Breathe.

    HereWeGoAJen said...

    Isn't Maggie right around the age for a sleep regression? So that ought to fix itself without you doing anything (fingers crossed).

    Carrie27 said...

    Have to agree, the bunny is cute!

    I hope you have a smooth trip!

    Jen said...

    Diarrhea and plane travel are not fun. We did that with Jillian last year. Yuck!

    Have fun on Bainbridge. Hopefully the weather will get nice around here again!

    sukeyknits said...

    Mmmm, my favorite - diarrhea. Sorry I'm not that into socks - looking forward to ME! Can't wait to carry on a conversation with Hulk.

    Lucia said...

    Are you going to SOAR with Maggie? It's never too early.

    Calliope said...

    that is the best photo!!!

    Hope you are having a lovely trip right now & that Maggie sleeps perfectly.

    Lucia said...

    Not SOAR, sock camp. Sock camp?

    Jericho said...

    Cute bunny ;)

    Boo for diarrhea (I never think I spell that word right!!) and especially with the timing and travel. Yuck. Sorry about that.

    Thanks for the update :) Hope all is continuing to go well.