Friday, August 6, 2010

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Well, I took a little of every one's advice. First, for dinner I offered Cam these strange French Fry shaped chicken nuggets that he LOVED. He ate those and then a bunch of grapes, and two glasses of milk, topped off with 1/2 of a chocolate chip cookie that Aaron was baking. I had gotten into a rut of always giving him orzo because I know he likes that - maybe he was sick of it?

Then, I took Maggie up to bath, telling Cam (who was watching the Muppets - he's started to watch a little TV in the past couple weeks so I got the Muppets from Netflix. How much fun!) that we were going upstairs, and he could come when he was ready. Aaron came up with Maggie's bottle and was looking for Cam upstairs, I laughed and told him he was still watching the Muppets. He came right upstairs when he realized everyone was upstairs and he was downstairs.

Then, Aaron slowly took off his clothes while I finished bathing Maggie. As I left the room, Aaron got him in the bath. Not a word from Cam. He played in there just fine, and Aaron very slowly poured water over his head telling him to close his eyes (which we normally do - but usually faster) and washed him.... no issues. So I wonder two things - if we were trying to rush through it to just get it over with was making it worse, and also if having Maggie 'in his space' was stressing him out - being that he was so tired by the end of the day. Anyway, both kids were happy and asleep by 7 PM - and not a tear was shed.

Thank you SO much for all the advice. This morning, he was also markedly less whiny - I did let him take a truck with him to school. Usually I make him leave his toys at home... but figured what the hell. I need to bend on a few things, right? The whole ride to school he was playing with it and saying My Truck! Big Truck!


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serenity said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy to hear that it helps.

Slowing things down and letting do stuff on O's terms is magic for us. We have MARKEDLY less tantrums if he feels like I'm not rushing him out. For us, it's morning routine that's the issue, not nighttime, but it's definitely made a difference. WOO! So glad it worked for you. :)

Tara said...

Wahoo! Glad to hear you've had improvement. What a great feeling that is.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Good! I am so glad that it worked!