Monday, August 9, 2010

Normal Weekend

Well, normal for us. We had NOTHING planned this weekend. Just hanging out at home, playing with the kids, and hopefully, getting the back yard seeded so we could have a 'real' back yard and not just mud (although Cam would love that).

The highlights?

  • Saturday morning, I got in my car, and was like - yuck. Smells like garbage. By the end of the weekend, and much drama, we figured out it was a DEAD MOUSE in my car door. Aaron managed to find it, take apart my car door, removed the MAGGOT covered mouse, and get it all back together. I love that man.
  • Saturday I went for a Mom's Night Out with the gals from daycare and had a blast (and margaritas!)
  • Sunday, Aaron woke up with Maggie at 6, gave her a bottle, and then got Cam out of the house to breakfast. Maggie and I slept until 9!!! Luxury.
  • I met up with that twin mom I was afraid to make friends with Saturday afternoon - for $200 I got an obscene amount of clothes for both Cam and Maggie. For example - 33 long sleeve 3T girls shirts and I didn't count, but at least as many long sleeve 4T boys shirts. A winter coat with matching snow pants. 7 pairs of 4T jeans. 3 bathing suits. 3 pairs of barely worn sneakers! 20 pairs of PJs in different sizes. And Cam had a blast running around with them, after he got over being shy. Doritos got him to like them (yep. totally my son)
  • Saturday, I tried to put Cam's sneakers on (to avoid too much dirt/mud on his feet in from our 'backyard'). He said Ow Momma as I tried to put them on. I told him his was fine - and he wore them all day - he was walking a little funny but I pretended I didn't notice. Since I had a coupon, I took him to the shoe store on Sunday. I figured I could confirm he would fit in all the size 7 hand me down shoes I have. Well, he is a size 8. And I'm guessing that was the issue when I jammed him in his size 6.5 sneakers. Whoops.
  • Aaron DID get the backyard seeded and now we are obsessively watering in hopes of a lawn in 2 weeks! A girl can dream!
  • We also cleaned out the garage, which was past due.
  • Now I'm in the process of finishing up organizing baby clothes. You know, until next month when I'll need to do it all over again.


Jen said...

I am forever organizing baby clothes too. I mean seriously could they slow the growth down a little?

We've had a few mouse/car incidents in the past couple of months. In one I apparently killed a mouse when I turned my heater on one morning. I noticed the fan making a ton of noise, and later that day Jeramy fished out the casualty. At least we got it before the smell started!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I've just been throwing the baby clothes into a giant bin. I figure I'll organize later...

Ick. That is totally what I am afraid of with the mouse (mice?) in our house.

Heather said...

Aaron is a GOD! A MAGGOT COVERED DEAD MOUSE - OH LORD! I want to vomit reading that shit. Gross Gross Gross to infinity!!!

I have to go lay down now...

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Still screaming a long, endless shriek over "maggot-covered mouse."

Carrie27 said...

That was one crazy deal!!!

Christy said...

I had to laugh about your shoe story because the EXACT same thing happened over here this weekend! Only, I've been shoving Andy in size 5.5, he measured 6.5 at Stride Rite and I had to buy size 7. I'm glad I'm not the only one this has happened to.

Heather said...

I can handle me a dead mouse, but maggot infested? Holy freaking gross. I'd fish it out if I had too, but I'd much prefer the husband take care of it. Yay Aaron!