Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Again

We such a fun packed weekend, that the only way I can sum it up is to do another bullet point post:

  • I took Friday off and had a super fun day with a couple of my girlfriends going to a quilt show. It turned out to be kind of a lame show, but I really needed a baby-free day off.
  • Maggie is 100% moving. I can't say crawling because it certainly isn't textbook crawling...but she does this funny combo of crawling, rolling and sitting up that moves her right across a room. This weekend, if I put her down and turned around, when I would look back, she would be on the other side of the room! She is much more interested in standing up... which makes me nervous about her starting to walk soon...
  • Saturday, we woke up and went to the lake - the weather was so beautiful, and for whatever reason, we were the only people there. It was wonderful.
  • Saturday night, we had a babysitter watch our sleeping babies and went to the movies! Love that.
  • Sunday, we got up and played outside until it was time for our town's Wash the Fire Truck day! Cam LOVED it. I have some great pictures I need to share. And, of course, Maggie was a big hit with the firemen who hadn't seen her since she was 5 days old.
  • It was a little weird to see the same emergency rescue truck that was at our house for a really crappy reason to be opened up with little kids climbing all over it - but I just steered clear.
  • In the afternoon, we popped over to a neighbors house to check on something, and ended up spending a couple hours playing in their backyard. Aaron was sitting in the grass, and began to obsessively remove the crabgrass (they just redid their back yard too - and they have a bunch of crabgrass). Our friend sat down and pulled it with him, then beer got involved.... and now they have a very nice 6X6 foot square of non-crabgrass area on their new lawn. Their new HUGE lawn... but we were all laughing about it.
  • Sunday night, I had some girlfriends over for a night of cards. Aaron and I were talking about it before people arrived, and most people when I said to come over to play cards are like...cards? And then they come and have a blast. I think people forget how much fun playing cards is!
  • In other very random news, a girlfriend gave us this fun book - it's a 'book' that opens up with a pop up town and a wind up fire turck that goes around the town. Cam loves it, I kind of hate it. But in that love/hate sort of way. I thought - why don't we bring it to school? He can share it with his friends, and I don't have to wind up the damn fire truck over and over again every morning, when I'm trying to feed Maggie? So - I was looking it up on amazon to tell you guys about it (because it IS a fun thing - and thought maybe some of you would want to get one for your little boys). It's out of print and worth $70. Oh well. I called daycare so we could laugh about it together.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Oooh, sell the book! And buy him two cheap firetruck books to take to daycare.

I could use some crabgrass removal. Beer, you say?

Carrie27 said...

Sounds like a busy, but very fun weekend for all. Crawling and standing - watch out!