Thursday, August 19, 2010


Not much on baby updates lately - so I thought I'd tell you all how Miss Maggie is getting on. She is almost 9 months(!) old... and is such a happy, happy baby. She is totally and completely engaged in life around her. She loves her big brother - she watches him all the time, and when he wakes her up in the morning (I really need to video that, it's super cute) she greets him with a big smile.

I feel like she is always plotting something - she is such a quiet and observant baby - almost the opposite of Cam who throws himself head first into everything . It doesn't seem to me that she tries anything until she can do it 100%. No undignified falling over for Maggie. If she wants to sit - she sits. If she wants to stand up (which is all the time) she does it. When she is tired, she plops her butt down to sit again. Last night, she was standing up for a good 10 minutes watching her brother run around the backyard:

(side note - can you STAND how freaking cute that dress is? She wears it every time it comes out of the wash).

She wants to be in the thick of things... no riding in the stroller for Maggie! She wants to be IN the wagon with Cam. For a bit, Cam was struggling with that (NO. MINE!) but now he likes to sit facing her and make her laugh.
Health-wise, no more issues for Maggie. She is still on the fancy formula - but done with the reflux meds. She has her 2 bottom teeth in, and if night time fussiness is any indication - the top ones are working their way to us as we speak. Almost daily, Aaron and I comment on just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful family.

September 8th, Maggie has her 9 month check up - I'm dying to see how big she's gotten!


Deborah said...

Amazing how they look so much alike, and how big she's gotten! I lose track of time - I feel like you just had her.

emily said...

so adorable!! and maggie sounds like natalie was as a baby... i was worried that she wasn't doing this or that, but then one day she would just do it perfectly. ben, though, man! he's always touching stuff, and eating it... and he hasn't moved an inch in 10 months. so it's really hard not to compare, but i tell myself all the time they are 2 different people.

Heather said...

My baby is 7.5 months and I just LOVE this age. It is too too much fun.

The dress is adorable. I'm going to miss the summer dresses in a few months.

Beautiful kids. :)

calliope said...

oh my goodness!!! She is so so cute!!!!!

Carrie27 said...

That dress is adorable!

It's amazing how fast the siblings pick up on things when they have older siblings to watch.

Jen said...

What a cutie! I just can't believe she is approaching 9 months!

Manise said...

Love that age! And the dress is utterly adorable!