Monday, November 22, 2010

Gettin' it done.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just lost my whole post. So I will redo in bullet points:

  • Getting a little freaked out on the amount of people that are potentially coming to Maggie's birthday party next Sunday. I think I'm up to about 40 people so far.
  • Maggie is turning one! In a WEEK!
  • Maggie took her first steps on Tuesday night. Now she is up to three in a row... too cute
  • Because I have not only 40 people coming to my house on Sunday, but my MIL visiting for 5 days, I've been obsessively cleaning, organizing and finishing unfinished projects around the house. So far, I've spent an entire day painting trim and doors, another day organizing the pantry and stacking wood outside with Aaron, and yesterday was spent organizing the craft/guest room. This morning, I'm doing my office. It feels awesome to has everything nice and tidy.
  • I need to work harder at keeping it this way. Because honestly, organizing isn't that hard of a task in reality, but I think about how awful it's going to be for far too long before actually doing it (and things get messier and messier while I think about cleaning up).
  • Jen is a very smart woman. She blogged for a week about cleaning, and I did learn a lot - but the best advice she gave is to have a place for everything. Because that IS the biggest problem with keeping a clean house! If there is no 'official' place to put things, you end up not knowing what to do with it, and it's clutter.
  • In the last week, Maggie has gotten 3 new teeth. And woken up almost every night at 3 AM. I'm tired.
  • I'm still on the local twins list, and a mom of twins was asking if anyone had a doorway jumper that they were done with - because they only had one and both girls LOVED bouncing. I knew I used to have two, but had given one away, and wasn't sure about the other. I told the mom this, and when I got home from work - went up in to the attic. Well, I did find the jumper, but karma was in play, because also up there was a whole box of 12-18 month clothes... all perfect for this season! Even cute little christmasy outfits, a snowsuit and shoes!
  • Both Maggie and Cameron's godmother's visited on Sunday (Suzanne to help with the yarn room and Tarsha to do some babysitting so we could go to the movies! Hurrah!). It was really fun to have them both over, and they managed to exhaust both children so they slept like ROCKS last night. Even poor little teething Maggie.

OK - I need to get to work!


Carrie27 said...

That is one HUGE party! But, how exciting for her to have so many friends and family to share her 1st birthday with.

HereWeGoAJen said...

And you know, Elizabeth got new toys this weekend, they don't have a place yet and I haven't put them away ONCE. They are just sitting out, messing up the house.