Friday, November 5, 2010

Totally on top of it.

Well, after my minor panic yesterday, everything is all settled for birthdays and Christmas. Thanks for all your awesome ideas! Maggie is going to get a Leapfrog music table for her birthday, and a grocery cart for Christmas. I'm SO glad I asked you all for ideas - because I remembered being in a toy store with Cam in May, and he fell in LOVE with that exact same grocery cart.

And I saw a posting on the twins list for this tractor yesterday. It has a working front scoop and pedals, and it's going to be a HUGE hit with Cam. I never thought of getting him something like that - they are around $200 new - but this one is for sale for $65. That will be his Christmas present. Aaron is picking it up today, and we'll be hiding it until the big day.

I even got fun stamps to mail the invites with. And the cake pan for Cameron's birthday cake (we already have a pan for a big number 1 for Maggie). I also started asking friends and family to big appetizers to Maggie's party - so I'm not in the kitchen all day cooking... kind of making it a potluck affair. Which will make it much less stressful, I hope!

This also makes me happy to have everything under control, as next weekend I'm off to Portsmouth, NH for my annual quilting weekend with my girlfriends. We all stay in a bed and breakfast, and sit around and sew for a whole weekend. It's a blast, and we get a bunch of projects done! I'm hoping to finish a few Christmas present quilts... we'll see. I'm also planning on letting loose and getting a little bit drunk on one night, as it's going to be my first baby-free night since Cameron was born.... so watch out world!

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