Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our Halloween celebration was a huge success. Everyone had a blast! No meltdowns (at least not from any of my kids), good mix of people to hang out with, and just in general a great time.

Aaron and I have been talking about the fact that we are finally back to 'ourselves'. We are back to doing the little things that we used to do without thinking about it - throwing fun little parties, decorating for Halloween, yard work. Just in general being on top of things. It all started going downhill with our IF struggle, then my pregnancies (just not enough energy to help him with projects) and the final bit - Nora's death. We feel like we are finally 'back'. It's literally been YEARS since we had our house ready for the winter. It's been ages since we had a good shindig at our house... and now we can do it. It feels good.

Aaron and I fell into bed Sunday night, our feet hurting from all the standing and walking (and cooking, and pumpkin carving, and log splitting) we did this weekend. And we shared a happy sigh. Feels good to be close to normal again.


Janet said...

Good for you!! I'm happy for you guys!

Christy said...

What a blessing, I'm so happy for you! It's a huge accomplishment, one of which you can be proud and all who know you can rejoice with you as well. Happy Fall!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm glad!

Deborah said...

So nice to hear!