Friday, October 29, 2010

Daycare Halloween Parade

We got to do a little dry run of Halloween at daycare today.... Maggie had a blast:

I made her that snail costume and just PRAYED she wouldn't start walking before Halloween:

Can you stand the knitted eyeballs? They crack me up. (Hat pattern here and eyeballs here)

Cameron, on the other hand, was not very happy with the whole costume thing.

I'm really glad I took a friends advice when I was about to embark upon making a complicated costume for him. She said - 'Just take my son's from last year - it will kill you when he won't put on the hat - those take the longest to make and kids hate them'. In the above picture, Cam is FREAKING out because I'm trying to put the hat on.
The school was doing a little parade around the outside of the building, so I convinced him to put the hat on the way I convince him to put all hats on. I told him his ears would fall off if he didn't.
Then he got into it. "Grrrr Mommy!"
And then all smiles as he had fun walking around with all his friends:
Well, I think Sunday is going to be hilarious.


Janet said...

Adorable! LOVE the snail!! Your kiddos get cuter with every picture you post!

HereWeGoAJen said...

The snail is the greatest idea ever!

I specifically made a costume with no hat this year. It has a wreath, but she's usually willing to wear those and I don't really care if she doesn't.

noswimmers said...

ROFL, love it! Cute costumes and even cuter kids!!

serenity said...

OMG I'm laughing my BUTT off here:

"I convinced him to put the hat on the way I convince him to put all hats on. I told him his ears would fall off if he didn't."

I am SO using this. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't tell the kids their ears will fall off if they don't wear the hats. You don't know what it will do with their mind ! It's not worth to damage a child's psyche for few good shots.
Love the snail idea, so cool!
Happy Halloween

kate said...

sooo cute! i LOVE that snail costume! what agreat idea :)

Cathy-Cate said...

They are both adorable. Cam is the age my Maddie was when she refused to be a sheep to her sister's Bo-Peep because we laughed at how cute she looked, and she started crying and said:
"I don' wanna be a s'eep! I wook 'tupid!"

Sure enough: no sheep. (I had to bribe her with glitter and a fairy ballerina princess costume for her to trick or treat at all.)

Calliope said...

I am in LOVE with that snail costume!

Annalien said...

Too adorable! Both of them!

Christy said...

OK, Maggie's snail costume is simply the most adorable thing ever! You are so clever and crafty. You are so right about the whole hat thing with toddlers. Andy wanted no part of his giraffe hat either, so at least when he was Charlie Brown he didn't even know he was in a costume. There's always next year . . .

Kahla said...

That snail is adorable! Cameron is too, but then again, they always are!

DDanny said...

Very nice! I hope the dry run worked out well. has some good ideas about coordinating with your daycare around the holidays. It can be fun for everyone!