Monday, October 25, 2010

Soup crazed and baby torture

I like soup. A lot. Thanks to NCLW, I found the blog A Half Baked Life - and became obsessed with her soup recipes! I made 4 batches of soup on Sunday afternoon! Now I have bags and bags of soup frozen for lunches throughout the winter! Hurrah.

Last night, Aaron put Cameron to bed. He was playing with a pinwheel upstairs (I forgot how much fun those are). This morning, Maggie and I got up first, I got her all ready and then we went and got Cam. Sometimes, Cam gets VERY upset with Maggie in his room, yelling MINE MINE as she crawls around doing her thing while I dress him. So, this morning he was FLIPPING out and pointing at his train. I was turned it on, because he does love the train... but he kept yelling MINE and pointing at the damn train. I told him if he didn't stop, I was going to turn off the train. He stopped, but his little chin was quivering and watching the train the whole time I was dressing him. I finally put him down, turn around, and notice that Aaron has put the pinwheel IN the train. Whoops.

Poor Cameron. I apologized, handed him the pinwheel. He hugged it, whispered 'mine', and ran down the hallway. Sigh.


sukeyknits said...

Poor kido - life can be hard sometimes. Love your last paragraph - so captures the moment. Great catching up although briefly.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth has started hiding things behind her back at stores when we go to check out and saying "MINE." Fine when it is something of hers, but when it is a bag of green beans that needs to be weighed, it's more of a problem. It is possible that she has never been more upset when I wrestled those green beans away from her.

KAM said...

What a great idea! What kind of soups did you freeze?