Monday, June 24, 2013


Last week I took a planned trip away. In normal Cece-style, I invited all my friends, as I was renting a house that sleeps 10 people. But everyone was busy, breast-feeding still or had just gone on vacation and couldn't take time off. Only one friend could come, and only for one night. So I went on Wednesday after work and was home with the kids for dinner on Friday. It was wonderful.

This is my thing. I think Aaron and I have a pretty great balance going. We both work. I take the kids to school in the morning, he picks them up at night. We all hang out together until bedtime. Two times a week I go to swim team while he stays home with sleeping (hopefully) kids, and on the weekend I will go swim for Saturday afternoon, and I usually take the kids somewhere alone on Sunday afternoon. The rest of the time we spend together having fun. Aaron goes away a few times a year for long weekends with his friends, I do the same. We also take family vacations, date nights and more recently have even been doing nights away as a couple, without the kids.

I'm sure that what works for us is not what works for everyone, but I know that I really needed that 24 hours of complete alone time. I had dinner alone at a wonderful Mexican place. I got a massage. I went for a bike ride. I sat on the beach and read a book. And then when my friend got there, we had a great time sitting around and gossiping and laughing and drinking a bit too much wine before we headed to bed. Friday we went out for breakfast, talked more, and left. This weekend was a big mix of family time and parties and ending Sunday with an impromptu BBQ.

Growing your career is important. Spending time with your kids is important. Time with your spouse is important. Exercise is important. Key thing in there? Time. So many relationships to foster and only so much time.

I don't even know what to say here, but I'm glad I had a perfect mix this weekend of family time, friend time, and alone time. And I know Aaron and I need a date night soon.

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