Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Night leftovers

  • It's offical. Summer is here! Yesterday was the last day of school in my town, and pre-k graduation at my kid's school. Cam is starting Pre-K in the fall and is super excited about it.
  • I'm a little worried about it, because it's a more structured environment for him, and he has his group of friends that we call the Fearsome Foursome. They will all be together in Pre-k, and I just have a bad feeling about it.
  • So bad, in fact, that for the first time, I'm asking for a parent/teacher meeting at school to talk about their plans to handle (and hopefully spilt up) the 4 of them.
  • It's been raining here for a week, and the forecast is for rain for through next week.
  • We are supposed to ride in our local 4th of July parade in an antique car, and I literally hope it doesn't rain on our parade!
  • This past week I hit 100 miles total swum for the year. To non-swimmers, that may not sound like a lot, but to give you an idea - at a normal swim team practice we swim about 2 miles, and it takes 90 minutes.
  • This week also marks a full year that I've been back in the pool. I'm so glad that I'm back to it.
  • This week I was super proud that I had 'kept up' with my CSA (eating/cooking up all the veggies). Then I realized it was Thursday, not Tuesday, and I had missed a pick up. Sigh.
  • Cam has been asking a lot of questions about God. I guess one of his buddies at daycare has been talking about it a lot. On our way to school the other day, I had this funny converstation:
    • Cam: Mommy, is God a good guy?
    • Me: Yes, he is a good guy.
    • Cam: So are dogs. And alligators!
  • So at first, I was like - OMG what do I say to him about god. And then I realized, after talking to the mom of the boy who has been talking a lot about god - that the stories in the Old Testament, they are a lot like super hero stories. So of course Cam is totally interested in God. If you ask him, he thinks that God is bigger than a giant! And people can fly up with jet packs to see him!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I can't believe school just ended there. Here we are already thinking about going back. We have a month and a week left of summer.