Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Maggie has had a week of sickness - I feel so bad for her. She had the stomach issues late last week, and then the cold, which then triggered an ear infection. Although she's finally on the mend now.
  • We had plans to go to the Bolton Fair on Thursday - we have made it a tradition to go the opening night. We go and buy bands for the kids to let them go on as many rides as they want, but a lot of the other things aren't open yet. Since Maggie was still complaining of an earache, and there was a 50% chance of rain, so we decided to go on Saturday instead. It will be a lot more crowded, but more things to see. And thankfully, the weather looks like it'll be beautiful.
  • Sunday we are headed to the cabin, as my mom is going to watch the kids while I work on Monday/Tuesday.
  • I looked and found out that the drive in theater near my mom is playing Planes this weekend! So I'm going to brave the potential disaster of the kids staying up super late, and take them to their first drive in movie! I'm even going to take Aaron's truck instead of my car, so we can do it all out - by backing the truck up, throwing in folding chairs, blankets and citronella candles. I'm excited. And nervous.
  • I'm also a little nervous about having my mom watch the kids Mon/Tuesday as there was a lot of drama last visit.
  • The pool that my swim team uses closes down for a month starting this weekend. I'm still totally on track for swimming 200 miles by the end of the year, but it's so much less fun to swim alone. I'm at 120 miles. I love swimming, but I think if I didn't have my 200 mile goal, it would be so easy to slack off without my teammates to be accountable to.
  • I've already started planning the kids birthday parties. Only 3 months ahead of time.
  • Oh! And I also started doing bento boxes for the kids. Super fun, and surprisingly easy! I'm excited to hear if the kids eat everything I made them today. I did a 'normal' lunch (grapes, sandwiches, a hard boiled egg, and a bag of gummies), but I made them using super cute cutters, and then packed them in a fun new lunch box. Then added cute little food picks. I'm hoping this will lead to more lunch getting eaten, and getting away from some of the reliance we started having on using lunchables (bows head in shame).


Stace said...

My kiddos will be at the Bolton fair tomorrow as well! They're going with my parents though. :)

Coincidently enough I started doing Bentos for my kids today too! We're actually at home, but I prepped the lunches last night and stuck them in the fridge to make lunch faster today & it worked. And they all ate way more than they usually do! Win!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I started planning Elizabeth's birthday party quite a while ago. Like six months in advance.