Tuesday, August 6, 2013


So many random things this week.

Maggie recovered really quickly from that stomach bug, but now has a cold. Which means sometime in the not so distant future, I will also have a cold. Blech. We took a trip to the zoo and also found a local, public swimming pool! Free! Totally free, you don't have to prove that you live in the town it's in - and even free parking. I'm happy.

Suzanne, my children's favorite grown up, has been hanging out with the kids for the past two days. I love it that they love her. Because I love her. And she doesn't have kids, and it's great to share mine with her. They went to see Turbo yesterday (along with other adventures) and today are at the Museum of Science.

I'm starting to plan the kids birthday parties. Yes. 5 months in advance. But I'm looking to go a little smaller scale this year and hoping to save some money. So trying to schedule things that book up quickly (maybe have a pony come to our house for pony rides!) and find easy things to do at my house.

Smaller scale and money savings because we are considering a REAL vacation this year. At first we thought maybe Disney - but as we aren't planning on going more than once we are going to hold off until next year when Maggie is 5 and Cam is six. So we are thinking of a tropical vacation! In March! You people have no idea. Aaron is NOT a tropical vacation sort of guy, but his family is renting a house in Mexico for a full month, and has invited everyone to sign up for a week. The house is right on the beach, but also has a pool.

This week is the last week my swim team practices for a full month. The pool completely shuts down for about 6 weeks. So I'm trying to get a few women together to meet with me at a different pool so I don't loose my momentum. I've been swimming consistently for over14 months now! A month off seems insane.

The weather here has been completely amazing this week. Low humidity, cool nights... heaven.

This month's plan for child care has the kids out of daycare Monday/Tuesday (hence Suzanne hanging out with them yesterday and today). So this weekend, I'm headed up to my mother's on Sunday so she can watch the kids while I work remotely Monday and Tuesday. We will see how it goes. Things were a little rough last time she watched them - nothing bad with the kids, just that it was hard for her (and she won't admit it) and hard for me (because she is insanely negative).

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