Friday, August 24, 2007

Rockin' and Flowing Blogger

Well, I woke up this morning, hungover and with the arrival of AF. But, I also received this in my email from my good buddy Geohld!

That is a pretty good 'consolation' prize for yet another failed (albeit DIY) cycle.

I'd like to pass it onto the following bloggers:

Serenity. What a great gal - and - I'm not too ashamed to admit -one of the group of pregnant bloggers that don't turn me absolutely green with envy. She is going to be a Rockin' Mama!

MaryEllen! My local bud who gave me great RE advice

Mamacate - and she knows exactly why she rocks.

Chris - my buddy in Unexplained IF

And last, but not least, Melanie, who I'm sure has already gotten one of these, but I just love the way she has pulled our IF blogger world together as a community.

I called into my new RE's office to declare CD 1 and schedule my sonohysterogram. That will be on Sept 4th. Any one had one of those? Can you tell me what the deal is? Do I need Aaron to come with me?


Samantha said...

Rock on! I had one last year to check for polyps. It wasn't too bad, but it left me feeling crampy for a while afterward. Maybe taking some tylenol beforehand would have helped that. You should certainly be able to get up and walk around without a problem afterward, so while you may want Aaron for moral support, you won't be physically limited.

serenity said...

Aw thanks!!!! Sorry about the arrival of AF - and the hangover - both are never good when mixed.

I've never had a sono-hystogram, but when I had my HSG, it was over really quickly and it was relatively painless. I took 800mgs of Ibrprofen before I went and I had no lingering issues.

May it go well for you!

Baby Step said...

Hi! I just had a sonohysterogram on Monday - it was just like the HSG except they use saline instead of dye. I am one of the unlucky ones that wanted to punch the radiologist in the face when I had my HSG, it hurt so bad! You may want to take something before hand...I was dumb and didn't put two and two together and was completely unprepared. DUH. I should have assumed it would hurt since my HSG hurt so bad - and it did really hurt. I have a tiny cervix!

May said...

I second the 800 mg of ibuprofen 1 hour prior to the exam advice. Or 2 extra-strength tylenol if you're avoiding ibuprofen.

Mine didn't hurt at all; a little cramping when the saline went in but nothing too awful. I had heard horror stories, though, so I brought my husband just in case. Which turned out to be completely unnecessary.

The Town Criers said...

Thank you! I haven't had a sono, but Kelly wrote this post for Operation Heads Up:

She also suggested taking a painkiller ahead of time. As well as a pad for when the saline comes out.