Sunday, March 9, 2008

We made fire. Finally.

Before I get to the fire story, I'll say that I went for my first bloodwork, and my E2 was 151. Much better than last cycle (98) but if I remember correctly, they wanted to see it at 300 by that point. I'm not worried, but they did up my follistim. The extra 75 units really ups the sting factor, let me tell you! I go in on Monday morning for my first follie check and more bloodwork.

Anyway, the more interesting news is that the living room remodel is really moving along. Aaron and his father spent the weekend putting up the rest of the walls, so now we are totally ready for the plaster guy to come tomorrow. But more exciting for me? Our fireplace is finally functional! When we bought this house, we were told that the fireplace needed a new liner - to the tune of about $2500. For whatever reason, the previous owners had also put a wood stove INTO the fireplace, which looked strange. To top it all off? They had mounted a mantle that was too close to the firebox, and therefore was not to code. Awesome. Especially when one of my favorite things is to sit in front of a nice, crackling fire. You know what - I actually have a picture:

You like that brown shag rug? It was the very first thing we ripped out when we moved in. But we did find someone to look at the chimney, and fixing it was maybe half the cost of what we were told before. We hadn't lit a fire because we didn't have a screen or anything to be able to have a fire (and the room was filled with construction stuff). But yesterday, we went and picked out the screen for the front, and I just went with something plain. But I think it looks great.
The guys mounted it flush to the fireplace, and there are doors that stay closed with a very strong magnet. I'm hoping this is more 'child safe' version then the standard screens that just sit in front of the fireplace.

I've got a big birthday party planned for Aaron (he turns 35 on April 13th) and I used to be nervous that we'd have to have it at someone else's house. I actually think we are going to have a brand new living room to party in!


Geohde said...

Congratuation on achieving in one fell renovation what it took evolving man a lot lot longer to do!


orodemniades said...

We've got a wood stove - well, we will have a wood stove when we buy one later this year - in our fireplace. Our fireplace is quite large and although lovely when burning logs, the heat loss is utterly staggering and not worth the pretty.

Now all we have to decide is whether to go for a traditional cast iron stove (Jotul/Vt Castings) or one of those new fancy soapstone stoves...

The renovation's looking good!

Baby Step said...

Yay for progress! That is strange that there is a stove in front of the fire place. Hope your E2 catches up soon...what a difference a cycle makes though. My first IVF my first E2 was only 180 and my second IVF it was 1598! Playing with the meds will really help.

Morrisa said...

Congrats on the fireplace! Here's hoping those E2 levels comtinue to rise.

MamaSoon said...

Just found your blog. Wishing you a good cycle. Happy Stimming. I'm waiting until I can start my third cycle. Cheers to you!