Monday, March 3, 2008


This morning, I woke up nice and early to go for my baseline crap. Aaron is away on business, so I had to do more than usual. I should have taken note that this day wasn't going to go well, when on my way to the bathroom I found dog throw up (you'd think he'd learn not to actually CONSUME the tennis ball). I then went downstairs, gave myself my shot, gave the other dog ear drops for her ear infection, got everything settled, and out the door in plenty of time. I was even thinking about stopping for breakfast first.

I get to the ultrasound office, and realize I forgot my stupid paperwork. My clinic doesn't keep everything on the computer. Every single time you go in for an ultrasound, you have to have this stupid piece of paper. If you don't they won't take you. I've never forgotten it before - and I was PISSED. It's a one hour drive for me to go into the clinic, and I was really upset. I stormed out. I then realized that I could drive another 15 minutes all of the way into Boston, and just go to my doctors office, and have her give me my paperwork, and I could get my monitoring done there. Added about and hour and a half to my day, and I have to pay $7 for parking. But whatever. It's done.

I did take Z with me -

He told me to relax - that is this may be a good sign.... having the crappy stuff happen at the beginning of the cycle instead of the end. We shall see.


sukeyknits said...

Damn Mondays. I thought just missing my bus and then just missing my train sucked, but at least I was only 10 minutes late and not an hour plus. Thanks for making my crappy Monday look wonderful compared to yours :) Hope the rest of the visit went well.

Geohde said...

Argh. Nothing like a stressful cycle monitoring appointment to start your day the wrong way.

But what's with them not seeing you if you don't have one measly piece of paper??


Jen said...

They won't see you without a piece of paper? What year is it anyhow? Sheesh!

I'm glad to see Z was keeping you company though.

Morrisa said...

Ogh! Sounds like a stupid policy to me! Sorry you had a crappy day, Z is so cute though!