Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm on day 2 to stims. Or maybe 3? I started the Follistim on Monday night. So I guess that's day 3. Forcing myself to be able to give shots was probably the best decision I've had. I don't feel so trapped in that I NEED to be home by 9 PM or more importantly, that Aaron has to be here. The tiny little needles for all these stims shots are no big deal. I'm a pro now! And it's already paying off - I was planning on hanging out at a friends house tonight, and I'll just bring my shot with me, and give it to myself. No need to cut the night short.

Really, nothing to report on the IVF front until Saturday, when I go in for my first blood work. Hopefully things are higher than last cycle - remember my freak out when my estroidal was only at 98? Good times.

And yes - that whole paper work thing is the most annoying thing ever. One of the woman in my office is also going through IVF, but at a different clinic, and she said she never has to worry about paperwork. It is SO annoying. I'm over it for now, and have already put my whole file into the car, so this doesn't happen again.

The big excitement here is that the living room renovation is really going along great. We have a ceiling back up - with recessed lighting that looks awesome. This weekend the rest of the walls will go up, and then we'll get some plasterwork done. After that - just a few more weeks of work - painting, finishing work, and the hardwood floor!

In looking for the few new pieces we'll need to furnish the living room, I've convinced Aaron that we should finally get 'real' bedroom furniture. We've been using the same crappy headboard I bought in the early '90s for $90, and his parent's old (from the 70s, and trust me, it shows) bedroom set. I'm ridiculously excited. I've got two different ones that I like for different reasons, so I'm dragging Aaron with me to look at them tomorrow night. Hurrah!


Morrisa said...

Good luck this cycle! Hopefully I wont be too far behind you!

Jennifer said...

Good luck at Saturday's scan...I hope there's lots of follies growing in there!!!

Lucia said...

It's my considered opinion that you're nesting.

(That's from a really old Monty Python routine. I'll be impressed if you know what critters were nesting originally.)

Shauna Wagner said...

Good luck!

Ahuva Batya said...

Your week sounds like it was rough, but I hope you can relax this weekend. Good luck with this round of IVF. I am starting my first stim shots tomorrow morning, so we're kind of like Stim Sisters.
Are you going to post before-and-after pictures when the living room is done?

tobacco brunette said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope you get lots of good news. Also, LOVE the bedroom set. We've been using the same set for years, too, and I've been thinking we need an upgrade. You've inspired me.