Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life is different

People keep on asking me if I'm sad to be done with maternity leave, or how it's going juggling everything.... and I am kind of at a loss for what to say sometimes. Hulk has brought a HUGE amount of joy to our life. Is life 'harder' with a baby in the mix? I wouldn't say that... I would just say that it is different.

Aaron and I lead a really active life. We aren't the kind of people who just go to work and come home. Aaron coaches a soccer team and plays in an adult soccer league. I am big on taking long walks with the dogs and going to the gym, and about 2 nights a week I'll be out with different groups of friends. Now that Hulk is here, we are trying to find a balance. Many times, he just comes with us. He loves watching Aaron play soccer! Going for walks in the woods with the dogs?! Heaven for the little man (who knew watching the trees go by was so exciting?) But, there are times, now that I'm juggling work and a new baby, that I've realized I can't can't make a quick stop on the way home to grab milk. I would be late to pick up Hulk. Or I'll be on a conference call that starts to run late at work, and realize I need to drop or I'm going to be late. Before, 'late' meant that dogs would maybe be crossing their legs when I got home. If I'm late now? I've got a little guy waiting to see his mommy.

Life is less about me, and more about 'we'. I depend on Aaron to be home in time for me to be able to go to the gym. Aaron depends on me to get Hulk to daycare in the morning when he has 6 AM meetings at work. We were a team before, but now we need to be a tighter team, if that makes sense. The reward? Big gummy baby smiles (usually - but the sad faces are pretty damn cute too). Totally worth it.


Beautiful Mess said...

Totally worth it is right! You and Aaron are doing a great job!

BrandiH2007 said...

Thanks for this post. It makes me feel better about having to go back to work after my little girl gets here. I've been dreading it so much already I've been putting off finding day care.